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10 Crazy Games for Oculus Rift: Journey through the fridge, exploding asses and more

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The Oculus Rift is the most famous virtual reality goggles and one of the most successful futuristic gadgets. The device began its history with crowdfunding, relatively recently came under the wing of Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg saw the potential in the glasses and acquired the project for $ 2 billion. Now Oculus Rift has thousands of fans, an interesting future and several versions of the device have already been released. Especially for the augmented reality glasses make games, demos of which can be found on specialized forums Edited by Digital Trends studied the demos and selected the top ten strangest and most memorable games.

The Boursin Sensorium

The developers of The Boursin Sensorium game created it by order of the company of the same name, a manufacturer of Italian cheese. In the game, we fly through a refrigerator filled with a variety of snacks, including creamy Boursin cheese. In flight, the player flies through the ingredients that are present in the cheese. The dairy product’s interactive promo looks rather odd.


Short animated videos are another version of the content being produced specifically for the Oculus Rift. In the video "Butts, " we watch two humanoid creatures releasing confetti and floating in the sky. The creator of the bizarre clip, Tyler Hurd, describes the animated clip as "a film about love, trust and a sense of freedom." We can only guess what gave Tyler the idea to create "Butts, " but the author certainly has a sense of humor.

Dumpy Going Elephants

This is already quite a well-known game, previously released under the Oculus Rift DK 1. With the emergence of a new model of augmented reality glasses, the creators of the game released a sequel. In a simple arcade you need to play as an elephant, running around the city and destroying everything he sees. Trees, playgrounds, stalls, roadblocks, police cars – all this can be crushed by the trunk and tossed up. Particularly amusing is how the elephant tackles a soccer ball, launching it high into the sky.

Alien Makeout Simulator

In the next game we have to meet representatives of other civilizations and… kiss them. The task is simple: in each level there is one alien that nature has endowed with several mouth openings; in a short period of time we have to "kiss" the alien on all the lips that are on his face (face?). If we are successful in our task, another alien, with more mouths, replaces him.


In the game BadBox we die and find ourselves in something that can be described by the word "underworld". Throughout the action the player encounters bizarre geometric shapes flying past him, anthropomorphic animals, and other evil things. There is no gameplay as such – BadBox demonstrates the capabilities of virtual glasses, nothing more.

Alien TSA

Another alien game, but this time we are a blaster-armed guard at the entrance of some futuristic factory. In front of us is a computer with a screen warning, such as "don’t let bird-headed creatures through." Alien aliens come in our direction from two doors, which we have to shoot off according to the orientation. If a guard kills innocent creatures three times, he gets fired.

It’s Just a Ride

A completely static, surreal game in which all we have to do is contemplate what is happening. There are two humanoid creatures on the screen, each behaving differently: one moves all the time, bouncing and making hand gestures, the other sits meekly and looks at the blue fountain. The game definitely makes some sense, but for us it is hidden.

Dot Calm: Virtual ASMR

The next game, again, has no gameplay whatsoever. A video is played in front of us, in which a girl with a pleasant voice invites us to sit back and relax, while she demonstrates all sorts of objects in the frame. The game is designed solely for the contemplation of volumetric video and virtual relaxation.

1st Person Tripper

We are visitors to a large museum whose exhibits are optical illusions. Three-dimensional statues, bizarre figures visually changing their shapes, supposedly moving pictures – the game demonstrates the possibilities of augmented reality glasses. Illusions work great in two-dimensional version, and in virtual reality look very unusual and doubly strange.


The pictures "drawn" by Google’s neural networks drove the whole Internet crazy. In the game Neuro we also see the work of neurons, but from the inside: we shrink down to the size of an atom and get into the human brain. According to the developer, Neuro visualizes different actions of the brain: thinking process, imagination, anger, getting pleasure. Billions of operations per second, and we are at the center of this colorful splendor.

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