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5G operators will be required to switch to Russian servers

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5G operators will be required to switch to Russian servers
"Rostec’s subsidiary" National Informatization Center under the national program "Digital Economy" has developed a provision that during the construction of the fifth generation communication networks (5G), operators will have to switch to Russian servers.About this writes RBC
The document says that operators will need to switch to "public servers of Russian design based on a trusted electronic component base." This provision was approved by the presidium of the government commission on digital development.
"Such servers were almost not used in the construction of communication networks of previous generations, but there is a trend in the world to switch to such equipment. It tends to be cheaper than specialized servers. Besides, its introduction should reduce sanction risks: in case the producers refuse to deliver specialized equipment to Russian operators", – said the interlocutor of the newspaper, who took part in development of the document.
It is planned to carry out transfer of operators in 2023-2024 years, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Fund "Skolkovo" are responsible for it.
The 5G network development plan assumes that in 2021 they will appear in at least five cities with a population of millions, and in 2024 – in ten cities.
Since most of the necessary equipment for 5G is not produced in Russia, the authors of the document proposed to localize the production of international companies in the country, as well as to create RD-centers and joint pilot projects. The Chinese Huawei and ZTE, the Finnish Nokia, the American Cisco, Qualcomm, Verizon and others can become possible partners. In Russia server equipment is produced by Depo Electronics, Kraftway, Aquarius and others. The Ministry of Industry and Trade noted that these companies may be given preferences in the form of subsidies at the stage of development and state procurement.
MTS representative Alexei Merkutov, however, noted that deploying 5G networks requires a new generation of equipment, and there are no ready-made certified solutions either in Russia or abroad.
Earlier Rostec’s subsidiary offered cellular operators free 5G frequencies in exchange for the purchase of domestic equipment. Also Russian companies were promised to provide a tax deduction for the amount of purchased domestic equipment. It is proposed to increase the tax on the import of certain elements of communication networks, analogues of which are produced in Russia. The buyers of Russian equipment will have a number of benefits, including an increased period of free hardware maintenance, free software updates, and additional comprehensive services.
For the 5G communications standard as a priority proposed to use the 4.4-4.99 GHz band The Ministry of Communications acknowledged that choosing these frequencies as a priority involves the risk of "lagging behind progress, " because the entire industry is focused on 3.4-3.8 GHz. However, those frequencies decided to leave them to the Ministry of Defense and Roscosmos

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