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7 recommendations that will bring you customers

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7 recommendations that will bring you customers
Creating your own customer base is important if you want to expand and grow your business. Here are some tips to help you reach the largest audience, as well as earn the trust of your customers.
We continue to publish useful materials that will help you in building effective marketing, because marketing is the only thing you can not austor us :-). Today we will talk about the basic rules of working with clients, the rules are simple but neglecting them is strongly contraindicated.
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Finding a new friend is much easier than finding a new customer. If you need a friend, just walk up to any stranger, offer to buy them a coffee, chat with no strings attached.
Business relationships, on the other hand, are full of strings attached, and this approach, like friendship, is not enough. After all, it’s not just a friendship, and there’s a lot at stake.
How do you convince a client to trust you with their money? There is no specific algorithm for building a client base, there are some universal tips that you can use to expand your client list. For starters, here are seven tips for finding more clients :

1. Create your own customer base

It sounds strange that you need to narrow your boundaries because you want to expand your customer base; but finding your own niche is key to expanding your business. First, you need to be able to provide at least one service before you can diversify your services, but do it very well.
Second, figure out what demographic needs your product and service have the most and target those needs. Start by creating marketing personas (archetypal personas created to represent different types of target users by demographic, behavioral or other traits that your site, brand or product might use) so that by knowing the types of customers you are likely to work with, you will target your business and marketing aspirations toward them.
It’s important to start small, focus on your target audience, and build a serious reputation among your first clients.

2. Ask for feedback from customers

Speaking of reputation, ask for feedback from previous clients to understand where your strengths and weaknesses are. Customers will appreciate this step in their direction as an interest in their opinions, and their feedback will help identify problem areas as well as your company’s greatest strengths.
As part of your feedback gathering process, ask customers if it would be difficult for them to share a review of your company, provided you post it on your website to promote your product/services. Eighty-eight percent of consumers trust online reviews more than any personal recommendation, so let your customers convince potential customers to join your mailing list.

3. Share your knowledge

No one likes to share anything for free. After all the time and money spent creating your product or service, you now realize how much it costs, and you’re not going to just share that knowledge.
Although it doesn’t sound particularly appealing at first glance, offering to use free trials or access to certain resources is a great way to get new customers directly, and it can give you a huge return on investment in the long run.
If your clients are looking for user interface designers, for example, then give them the opportunity to understand how such designers can be interviewed or what that designer’s ideal portfolio should look like. This gives potential clients ownership of your company’s expertise, and it will show them that if they pay more, they will have access to information of a much higher quality and level that they don’t even think they need or know exists and needs.
And this strategy applies to any field: just let the customer take the bait and if he likes it, he will definitely come back for more.
The fact that you shared information will not only help the customer take a closer look at your company, but it will also strengthen your business at an expert level in your industry.

4. Reward for loyalty

While your intuition will lead you to accept that your focus should be on finding new leads to increase your base, it is better to stay focused on your existing customers and give them enough attention. Sixty-six percent of customers start using a competitor because of the poor service of the company originally used.
Don’t reduce turnover as soon as you start getting cash proceeds from customers; after all, they may stop using your services at any time. Instead, reward your customers and encourage them to make repeat orders, offer discounts, special offers, early access to new products and anything else that will help remind customers that you care about them and want them to stay with you and use your services specifically.

5. Treat customers like regular people

Everyone wants to believe that this is how they are treated. Of course, customers are just people in the first place and you have to treat them accordingly, but it’s not always that easy to do.
It’s hard to be patient with a client at a time when you’re making ends meet and are only busy with your own success. However, it always pays to remain honest and appropriate.
From childhood we remember: "Treat others as you would have them treat you, " which is also true for business relationships. Respect your clients, and they will respect you and more than compensate you for your services.

6. Interact with the customer via email.

Email is a great marketing tool. The economic impact of emails is much greater than any other digital channel, so use an email list to build your customer base.
Influence customer interest by sending them a welcome email right after they sign up, thereby reminding them about your company and what services or products you have to offer.
Nevertheless, remember also that your letters are sent only under condition of the client’s permission for reception of letters from you, and also should contain the reference for an unsubscription. Otherwise your emails will simply be sent to spam (not to mention the legality of this activity).
And finally, don’t forget to make your messages readable on mobile devices, because statistics show that 53 percent of emails are viewed from them.

7. Give the client access to your network

If you help your clients, they will help you. One way to do this is to share with your clients the thoughts and materials of your other clients and personally vouch for their quality. If you’re afraid of being overly intrusive, you can offer opportunities such as hosting, guest blogging information or articles that give clients the opportunity to share their knowledge on topics relevant to your network.
It can help your company, because getting more content will allow you to use the 80\20 Rule (Pareto Rule: "20 percent effort produces 80 percent results, and the other 80 percent effort produces only 20 percent results"): 80 percent of what you post should be about abstract things, not about your company and its services.
Using relevant, relevant information on your network helps your network stay on trend. As well, this strategy gives customers the opportunity to share content posted on your sites with your customer’s own audience, which will further increase your company’s reach to new customers.
Building a customer base is critical to growing your business profits, try using the tips above for this. With more buyers comes more revenue, which gives you the ability to reach out more and direct your business to the area you want.
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