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A crush at the Eldorado laptop sale: video

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On August 30 a terrible thing happened in Eldorado stores (on Habra about it already told first person). The laptops went on sale Rover eMachines at a small discount. The promotion was extremely unprofessionally organized, and as a result the crowds of customers literally trampled the salesmen.
Under the hubrakat are videos of mass hysteria, the faint of heart and women should not watch.
Of course, the problem is not in the national mentality of the Russians, but in the wrong organization of sales. As eyewitnesses report, the procedure was as follows: first it was necessary to get a check from the manager of "Eldorado", then come up with the check to the manager who gave out laptops, and already with him to move to the cashier to pay for the purchase. "But enterprising managers of "Eldorado" decided to cash in on this and instead of handing out receipts they started selling them in neighboring departments for 1-3 thousand rubles. As a result the crowd, that was waiting for the check distribution and saw people with checks piling in from parts unknown, simply crushed the specially trained people, who were handing out the laptops, and stole the boxes. So there were people with receipts but no laptops and people with laptops but no receipts wandering around the store." writes Arthur Welf.
By the way, even an intelligent person can lose his mind if he gets into such a crowd. Believe it or not, scientists have been studying this phenomenon for a long time, there is even textbooks on the psychology of crowds , are being created and computer models Purposely provoking mass hysteria is not at all difficult for a specialist.
These two videos in MP4 format single archive

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