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A list of modern books for Engineering Manager

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A list of modern books for Engineering Manager

The last book in review is from a Russian-speaking author. Marina Pereskokova has worked for 10 years at Yandex and decided to share her experience. In fact, not only her personal experience is described. While working on the book she interviewed and asked questions to the teamleaders of other companies and collected their advice.

I am quite partial to having illustrations that reflect a particular idea in an ironic and hypertrophied way. This book is top-notch from this point of view – excellent illustrations by Kirill Anastasin, familiar from

https://www.instagram.com/innubis/ harmonize well with the content and enhance the pleasure of reading.

All in all, in my opinion, this turned out to be a very good guide. First of all it will be useful for beginner teamsters, but it should be interesting to read for experienced teammates as well. Remember the blue book from the beginning of the review? There are more similarities than just the color of the cover.


As a conclusion, I want to speculate on the topic of "why should an IT manager read these books"? This is not an idle question. At least, I was asked it more than once on 1-1, and the answer is not as simple as it may seem. Once I read a study among developers and it showed that different generations have different preferences for learning methods: the younger generation prefers to learn with videos and tutorials, the older generation prefers to learn with books. But this is, shall we say, "hospital average". If we consider the different ways of delivering information, the most systematic are often books. Learning only from your mistakes as a manager becomes noticeably more expensive than as an individual contributor. More people depend on your decisions and mistakes. Fixing a mistake in code and fixing a mistake in hiring require completely different efforts and skills.

Another version of the rationale is given by Maxim Batyrev in his books " 45 manager’s tattoos " and “ 45 personality tattoos ": By reading regularly and reading several books a year, you are investing in your development, and that money always comes back. According to a study by Mann, Ivanov Ferber Publishers, 60% of people who work in business organizations read during their entire professional career… one business book! 30% read one business book a year. If you read a book or two, you may have more information on said topic than most of your colleagues.

If you do software development, manage that process in some way or another, and find time to read at least one book in the next year, I’d suggest picking up any of the books on the list above. Don’t start with " Mythical man-month. " or " 7 skills of highly effective people ". Have them at number 15 or 20 on your reading list. With limited time and the desire to focus, start with things as close to your subject area as possible.

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