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A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Today, while reading the Hubr, I came across a topic "Demo of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1." and thought – I have been the happy owner of this device for a week and it would be nice to introduce it to the audience more closely.

Howls of joy

As you know, you are greeted by the clothes you wear.The clothes of the device was not wrinkled and neat. Rather, because it was in my friend’s luggage (:
The complete set, of course, is not rich. It is clear that Samsung calculate to cut the cabbage To make money on accessories sales, but the "original plug"-> "USB female" adapter sells for $20 and won’t put it in the box. Greedy, then.
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
A box similar to the box from the famous apple device.
Complete set of :
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
And again closer :
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Inside (from left to right): instructions for a quick start, headphones (decent for my non-musical ears), cable "brand connector"-> "USB male" about a meter long and a tiny charger for the American plug (Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.35A. Output: 5V 2A).
God bless the hardworking Chinese people who sent me the correct adapter along with Gemei A330

First impression

The device feels monolithic, no squeaks, no backlash. There are no sliding parts, shutters, etc., so there is no risk of breaking/losing anything. The camera is practically not covered with a scratch-proof bezel, but it is sort of on the bevel of the device. On the ends are the stereo speakers, covered by a finely perforated mesh.
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
The thickness of the device is astounding! You can ask the almighty google, but its dimensions are better perceived by comparing it to the Corsair Flash Voyager GT:
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Samsung claims that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a fraction of a millimeter thinner than the iPad2 (which is not available for comparison. And the eye would not catch the difference).
The rear surface is plastic, rough and feels nice to the touch. I haven’t taken the film off yet, so I apologize in advance for the film photo.
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
But the most important thing about the device is the screen. No, not so – the screen! Bright, juicy, contrasty, but so dirty… Glossy-glossy and glossy again (here a picture of Fuuuuuu…). In a week of use it is so patched that it is even embarrassing to photograph (:

Here we go!

10-9-8-7… And! There’s a contact. Turned on, asked for the language, time (why the time – do not know – then the second time set up) and data for access to google-account. Let’s see what kind of device we have in our hands:
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Device arrived with 49% of charge – got to work on the overseas electricity (: Discharged it by evening – actively used half the day (Wi-Fi, installing/deleting apps, surfing, video/music test, etc.).
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Immediately useful things like Moon Reader+ (you need a 4pda account), Mobo Player, ES Explorer, WiFi Analyser, PicMe and ConnectBot (all free on the market).
About 29GB of memory is available, the rest is used for the system and the preinstalled shell.
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Mobo Player played me .avi (1.5 GB), .mkv (1.5 GB), .wmv, .mpg. Some files can play over the network, and some can’t, you have to wait for a full download.


No matter how you spin it, you still need to root the device (especially for my naughty hands). I will tell you right away, it won’t work:) Most likely the way is described for early Android 3.0 devices and I have 3.1.
Install according to the instructions (installation was quite fast and painless, only Java (JDK) is needed). To get the device detected in adb you should switch on the debugging mode on the device: Settings – Applications – Development – Debugging via USB. Instead of typing "adb reboot recovery" (it did not work for me) you have to turn the tablet off and simultaneously press "left" and "power". The control: to the left – scroll through the items (by default, immediately selected Downloading …), and the right – select. It is necessary to select the box icon with a small robot.
Then the control is different: left/right – to move through items, the trigger – to select.
(Drum roll…) And… When selecting "apply update from /sdcard" we get an error "E: unknown volume for path [/sdcard]" and I don’t care. How to fix it, I don’t know yet. The only thing I understand approximately is that /sdcard is not mountable as a device and is just a folder at the root of the file system.
So that the Habra community could enjoy crystal clear screenshots and not pictures of a smudged screen with flash reflections – Davlik Debug Monitor was used according to the instructions from here One remark, ddms.bat didn’t run from TotalCommander, but it did from the console.

Software part

The device came with Android 3.1, so there was no need to update it. Immediately available 5 desktops (no indication of the current one), on which you can put the necessary shortcuts and widgets. It was noticed that some programs also install widgets to them, in addition to the programs themselves (ES Explorer, Winamp).
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
A long tap on any of the desktops opens the "content management screen" (that’s what I called it), from where you can add any application shortcut to any of the desktops.
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
I pre-installed several apps from google (Gmail, Youtube). Completely installed Google Docs and GTalk, after a bit of searching on 4pda the Google+ app was found.
Built-in browser displays pages perfectly. Javascript works almost fully (only the slideshow did not work on my project for some reason). No glitches were detected when browsing Habr.
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Flash works after installing the appropriate application – you can watch online shows quite well. Even the banners on the hubra – and they work 🙂
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
An interesting feature – listening to music from VKontakte – switched to another tab in the browser – the playback is gone. That is, as I understand it, it will be hard to suspend the browser.


Where would one go without games on such a gorgeous screen. Angry Birds became without problems (you bet), then Fruit Slice was found – dragged. Apparatus also looks great. In general – will not get bored.
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
GPS works when the internet is disconnected, so the chip is correct. However, I have not yet installed Navitel or any other offline navigation application.
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Satellites visible from my balcony
The pre-installed book reader app is also awesome, but crashes when you try to go to market for books. Has 3 preinstalled books.
A live review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


This is my first Android device and I definitely like it. The "quickly correct, show, forward, and reply to email" functions are 5+. Definitely will not get bored on the road. The lightness of the device, coupled with its size and diagonal, provides the comfort of entertainment, games and watching videos.
P.S. Please, spelling and stylistic errors in private.
P.P.S. I can post full-size versions of screenshots and pics by request.
Found where the processor (or something warming) is – the top near the camera is a couple of degrees higher (just at the threshold of my finger sensitivity).
On a tip from a hubra user. Yoda33 the tablet was rooted – details of the process see here I confirm – the method works and the whole process takes 3 minutes. Once again a big round of applause for the hubracheloveman Yoda33 !

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