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A step towards the perfect Droidpad – CSL Spice M700

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Despite the fact that, at first glance, the market is flooded with Android tablets, a closer look reveals that all of these tablets are quite low quality and poor both in features and in the "hardware" used.
Strictly speaking, barring the proverbial "Chinese iPads" With two sim cards and a TV , then to choose for today is left only from Samsung Galaxy Tab, for a frankly unreasonable price.
It’s not all bad at second glance, however, and there is an Android tablet looming on the market that may be the best approximation to the perfect "droidpad."
A step towards the perfect Droidpad - CSL Spice M700
In September in Malaysia (which is one of the major manufacturers of microelectronics in Southeast Asia) began selling a 7-inch "Droidpad" by CSL.
A brief summary of the specs :

  • Name : CSL Spice M700
  • Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo)
  • Built-in GSM Quadband/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA module for both Internet access and voice calls (over headset)
  • Screen 800 x 480, 7 inches (Capacitive)
  • 179.4 x110 x11.5mm
  • Qualcomm MSM7227, 600 MHz CPU (ARM9)
  • 512MB RAM / 512MB ROM
  • Accelerometer for picture rotation and Motion UI
  • GPS
  • Built-in E-Compass and Ambient Light Sensor
  • Two built-in cameras, one 3 MP (autofocus), the other 0.3MP (on the front side of the tablet for video calling)
  • Bluetooth (2.1+EDR)
  • WiFi (b/g)
  • Li-Pol Battery 3240 mAh
  • Standby time (from documentation): up to 520 hours
  • Operation Time : up to 6 hours

The physical OEM "platform" manufacturer is Foxconn, the same one that makes as an OEM many different systems and devices for various companies, including iPhones, iPads for Apple, and even, as I recall, some HP servers, so there is nothing wrong with "manufacturing culture" here.
CSL plans to sell these devices in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, where it has a presence as a cell phone brand. But the same device is also offered by Foxconn to other brands for regional sales. Foxconn itself has no plans to sell the platform on its own behalf, limiting itself to OEM production for customers such as CSL.
For example, a similar device called the Olivepad VT100 was going to start selling in the summer in India, and under the name Viewsonic Viewpad 7 it will probably appear on the European market as well.
However, the CSL Spice M700, unlike those listed, is already freely available.
Since I am currently in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia on business, I had the opportunity the other day to try this device "live", and get a first-hand impression.
Very pleased with the high quality workmanship, this is not a generic Chinese vendors "from alibaba", they are here too, held for comparison and them. Well, what can I say. "Kopeyka" is also a car, in certain circumstances. 🙂
I myself was the owner of a SmartQ V for a short time, from which, fortunately, managed to get rid of at a good discount (I hope the new owner liked it better than me), and I have forbidden to contact with the "Chinese iPads" in any form. However, this one is different.
"You take it in your hands, you’re waving the thing!"
The tablet is made in a very nice "iPhone 4 style" (I do not mean "one button", already starting to get annoying, as at one time "translucent mice", which were copied by all "China"), that is light, metal frame to the touch with pronounced "edges" on the perimeter, and a smooth black "glass" with the "face" and "back".
Aesthetically it looks very nice, about any "backlashes and creaks" is even ridiculous to talk about. The Thing.
To the right is the speaker output. The hole above is the phase inverter. Joke.
A step towards the perfect Droidpad - CSL Spice M700
Below right – microUSB, headphone jack (3.5") or wired headset jack, built-in microphone and reset hole.
A step towards the perfect Droidpad - CSL Spice M700
On top – two buttons and closing hatch with slots for SIM and microSD.
A step towards the perfect Droidpad - CSL Spice M700
On the left is the second speaker and the power button. A step towards the perfect Droidpad - CSL Spice M700
Inside, the already familiar Android 2.2 Froyo, with Android Market present.
Despite the fact that the "frequency" processor seems low, everything runs without visible brakes, all scrolling, zooming and "multitasking" without braking in the interface, which first of all strikes the eye in contrast to the "Chinese iPads", which with this really have a problem.
There is Mobile Tethering (in-store via demo pad and its 3G HSDPA running local internet distribution;). In the software package give Document to Go and GPS software MapKing (detailed map of Malaysia, perhaps there are others, did not look). And of course the standard set of GMail, Google Maps, Youtube App, and so on. Since Malaysia is a Muslim country, the included programs for orientation to Mecca (using the built-in compass) and the "alarm clock" with time synchronization for the daily traditional prayer.
The official page on the CSL website.
The screen is glued factory matte film, which does not glare, and which does not leave fingerprints (hello, iPad!) Includes a convenient cover as a folder with a clip for the tablet.
Of the controls on the "face" on the right 4 touch "areas" (back, menu, and so on), which are marked with a short vibration signal, plus two "hardware" buttons on top.
The sale began in September, and is already on Youtube several videos , including the traditional "anboxing" , a story about software package and demonstration interface operation.
Price: 1599 RM (Malaysian ringgit), which is about 515 USD at the current exchange rate, which is pretty good for such a device, in such a rich "package". With such a device you can already, if you want, compare the iPad.
Briefly : Screen 7" vs. 9.8" iPad, respectively less resolution (800×480 vs. 1024×768). 600MHz ARM9-family processor vs 1GHz ARM11-family.
Next : 3G in base. You can make calls just like a normal phone. There is a full microSD expansion slot, the storage capacity of the device can be expanded by the user. Two cameras, one VGA with "face" for 3G video calls and "Skype". In the kit matte film on the screen and cover. Uses a regular SIM instead of microSIM. Lighter, almost twice (410 grams vs. 730). Cheaper.
If any questions are not covered – I will be able to answer those who are interested, as long as there is an opportunity to "twist".

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