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About geeks and automation – continued

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At the request of a colleague of mine. AlexDAY – hero previous post , I am publishing his explanation. He can’t do it himself yet (I just sent him an invite, and he doesn’t have enough karma to write here).
Hello dear members of the community! Almost by accident I came across this link to the article and in the main character (oh-wonder!!!) I recognized myself. I am just that – crazy, geek, pervert, man, engineer, Hindu 🙂
Let me tell you the background to this "warning system. The driving force behind its creation was only partly laziness, and the main one, of course, was plain human greed.
So, back in 2007, a certain group, also apparently "creative" people, decided to put an additional keyboard and bank card receiver on top of the real ATM VTB, located near our office. The following weekend, a number of my colleagues lost money, which was withdrawn in Madrid. The bank was American and the refund was made quickly enough so "the spoons were found, but an unpleasant residue remained". The online banking only allowed me to be notified by e-mail of withdrawals, so I had the crazy idea to write a feature in Outlook that triggers the e-mail and sends a text message to my phone. Nowadays you can use Mail.ru or an add-on for Outlook 2007 for this. Unfortunately there was none of this at the time.
I got down to business and wrote a script which sends sms for MTS (my mobile operator), and then decided to do the same for Beeline and Megafon. By the way, now it all works through GoogleCalendar – not as described here via the ZendFramework library, but simply from VBScript via the Microsoft.XMLHTTP COM object.
That’s pretty much it.
We hope that the author will please us again and again with useful articles.

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