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About the “beautiful” company Samsung 2

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About the "beautiful" company Samsung 2

We took the printer in for service under warranty.
When I turned it in, they tried to attribute non-existent damage to the case and other defects that weren’t really there, explaining, "You used it. There had to be scratches on it!"
When we got the machine back after a month and tried it at home, we saw that there was toner spilled on the outside and inside of the printer, which caused paper contamination when printing.
Also, there were some mechanical noises (grinding, tapping) when printing, which were not there before we sent it to the service.
Separately, I would like to mention the poor customer information service. When we submitted the printer for repair, we were told that it would be ready in 5 days. When we called the service center 10 days later to inquire about the readiness, we were told: "Oh, it has been a long time indeed! I will remind the technician about your printer. In addition, several times the employees of the center hung up instead of answering the question or at least asking to call back later. It cannot be explained by the disconnection, because the next time I called, they said: "He is not there". Is the absence of the required employee in place a reason to hang up, without saying a word to the client?
I would also like to know the difference between a 12 month warranty service and a 36 month service. What does each of these services entail?
Thank you for your consideration.

Here’s the answer :

Dear Alexander Georgievich.
Thank you for your letter.
We sincerely regret that the inconvenience is related to Samsung brand appliances.
Thank you for the information about Pioneer Service Center. It is certainly very useful for the company, will be passed on to the service network development department and will be taken into account when evaluating the performance of this service center.
Service center repair period may depend on complexity of the defect, availability of the necessary parts in the service center warehouse, workload of the service organization with other brands’ product repairs, and other working factors. Samsung Electronics does its best to shorten the time of the product being in the service center as much as possible.
The term "full warranty" is understood to mean the fulfillment of warranty obligations to the full extent provided by the current Law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights". The term "free service" refers to the free elimination of defects in the product, which are due to manufacturing reasons (i.e. both the work to eliminate the defect and the spare parts used are free of charge for the consumer).
If you have any problems with the printer at this time, we recommend that you contact any authorized service center again.
We hope that in the future you will not have any problems and this situation will not happen again.

Is it just me or is the quality of service of the SC the same everywhere?
Why don’t manufacturers keep track of how they service their equipment?
I still have at home a monitor and a microwave oven firm Samsung – both already in need of repair, but I’m not even going to try, just throw out the stuff and buy something else company, where I will be confident that when bringing in the service center for repair (regardless of warranty or not) I will not need to watch every step of the staff, two or three weeks to call the center in order to know how my technique is doing.

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