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At the moment I’m in the middle of a move. Meaning, moving my company from one office to another. In the new place is now ending repairs, and I, as the director and systems engineer in one person need to decide what to do with the wires (electricity, telephone, network).
After the experience of wiring everything and everyone in this office, I know that putting cable without boxes is idiotic and ridiculous, so it was a strategic decision to use boxes, and to finally round out the case, then take not just boxes, and such that you can mount the outlets at once.
"What’s the problem?" the unprepared reader will say? "Go out and buy one!" But no. We are in Russia, 80 km. from Moscow to be exact, so in my city it seems simple only at first glance.
At first, going into that store where I always buy light bulbs, cables, and other stuff, I saw a nice T-Plast box there, just what I needed.
In case anyone doesn’t know, not every box can be used to mount outlets. The box must be of a certain strength and allow for such attachment.
I was happy with the price and the equipment, too. I ended up with something in the neighborhood of 11 thousand, along with the outlets. The store assured me that the "delivery in 3-7 days" on the price slip was true and that there was no problem with delivery. This I clarified on December 15.
Just yesterday, that is, on the 20th in the room where we will be moving, finished basic work, that is, it became possible to accurately measure the number of boxes and additional elements to it, well, for example, outside corners, inside corners, etc.
After measuring and counting, I called the store in the morning. Why in the morning? And to have time to send the payment to the bank before lunch, so that the money would reach the same day. I call the store employee, he is just the sales manager of those very boxes, and then the difficulty begins.
For starters, the employee cheered me up by asking, "Do you need the boxes before the New Year?" I’m wondering, if I say I want to pay today, what’s the maximum delivery time? That’s right, December 27, that is, before the end of the year.
Then it turned out that in order to fully accept my order to call Moscow and clarify. The order, by the way, is small – 34 meters of box and some fittings to it.
Waiting for them to call me back. The time for payment to the bank is approaching, so I call myself. It turns out that the manager, who was supposed to clarify with Moscow has gone somewhere obscure, so now will specify where the manager is, and he, in turn, will clarify that with the boxes.
The multi-way combination ended just this morning with a final rejection, i.e., no way to bring it in. That’s it. Period.
"Assholes", I thought, and called the head company for these boxes in Moscow. They expressed their willingness to sell me a kilometer of boxes, but only in bulk. That is, 200 meters of boxes in one package, and no retail.
To my question about retail outlets, the manager answered evasively. He said that there was only one registered point of sale for the whole of Moscow, the rest were just buying at wholesale prices and reselling, so he could not vouch for their assortment.
I call the one and only point and clarify that they have a box, they have fittings, but there is no special thing (or rather, 24 special things) to mount on the same box outlets. And without that, it makes no sense to me to buy boxes from them.
Desperation was near. By typing the cherished name of the box into Google, I began to call others. It turned out that almost everyone sells this box (just the box, without fittings), but what good is the box alone to me? In its own way it is important only the possibility of fixing the outlets, I need it in this form, not just as a box.
And what do you have to do as a result? That’s right, go to the construction market outside the city, where in a half-open container, with a muddy pencil on the pages of a soiled catalog, I calmly promise to bring on Wednesday a slightly different box, more expensive, but just with the mounting outlets and a complete set of fittings. Without asking for an advance payment or blowing my brains out. There you go.
And the conclusion? And the conclusion is this. People, if you work in sales or services, don’t make commitments you can’t fulfill. Don’t be misleading, be prepared to fulfill what you have committed to at any time (reasonable). Don’t look back on the New Year and the holidays! And please, supply solutions, not loosely connected things for sale!

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