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About the RIT 2007 conference

by admin

As expected, the server part of the conference turned out to suck. Maybe the client part and the business part of the conference were great? I was at one business about the strategy of Kirov company – boring, tedious and about nothing.
Sysoev and Obolensky are excellent if not good.
Oleg Andreev is more good than bad – a curious historical reference about the unicode. Nothing new, but looks satisfactory in light of some other reports.
Grinkevich was riddled with bogeymen, but well put together and beautiful, kudos.
Andrey Okonechnikov, the world’s first front-end architect, promoted himself quite vigorously. I was offended by his response to a suggestion to emphasize the role of this very front-end architect, not the position and certainly not a specific person. His response began with "if this and that, it doesn’t mean …" – I haven’t yet figured out an effective way to deal with the "so what?" and "if so what, it doesn’t mean …" arguments, and even within short dialogs.
Liveinternet.ru blogs are curious about their architecture.
Ivan Zolotukhin’s talk about Postgres was for dummies, which is what was stated from the beginning. What this report was doing at a conference about high loads is unclear.
Oraklist Beskov-Doronin, like Grinkevich, was sprinkling right bogeymen in a nice and coherent manner, and kudos to him too.
The rest was a boring tedious "Server development for dummies in 24 hours". Why they were at a conference about high loads, it is unclear. Bunin and co.
After the presentations, there were questions. They, as usual, burned. Remembered only about the blogs liveinterner.ru.
Why didn’t you use another DB?
Why didn’t you use the blah-blah feature (something about clustering) from MySQL 4.1? (liveinternet.ru blogs has 4.0.23)
Why are you upgrading to 4.1 and not 5.1?
Oh! Another great question came to mind about Maildir. I think Alexander Gorny was reading a report about Maildir.ru and was asked "why aren’t you using Maildir?"

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