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Aboutdark matter and parallel universes

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Aboutdark matter and parallel universes
Topic edited so as not to mislead people and also not to be so naive. Hi. Stumbled across this one tonight news and I thought about it all night long. What if there is no dark matter. (read the article, bythe way)?It just so happens that over the past few days, I’ve come across talk of parallel worlds everywhere (on Fringe, in the news, even in Futurama). And so, my brain combined these two things and came up with a theory.
So, the idea : what if there is no dark matter, and the gravitational background it supposedly creates is the sumof the influence of the gravitational fields of objects in parallel universes on a given region in the space of our universe ?
Suppose there is an object with mass m but it has a gravitational effect as if the mass of the object m 1 = 10m Based on the dark matter theories, this means that around this object there is also a pile of invisible and undetectable matter, which makes up for the mass deficit. The same applies to the case when a seemingly empty region of space has a surprisingly large gravitational influence on neighboring objects. Again, this invisible dark matter is to blame for everything.
What else could create such an effect? My idea is that besides our observable mass, there are other objects with similar coordinates x , y , z (and maybe, t ), but which are in parallel universes. It is logical to assume that these universes can be arranged relative to our universe in any way, from which it follows that identical objects in different parallel universes will affect an object in our universe with different force. An object in the nearest parallel universe will act at a given point in our universe with the force of p(U, U 1 )F(m 1 ) , in the next with the force of p(U, U 2 )F(m 2 ) where p(U, U i ) – the coefficient of influence of an object in the universe U i (you may or may not count U as the coordinate axis on which parallel worlds are located) to an object in our universe, and m i – masses of corresponding objects in parallel worlds. And so on until the impact force becomes negligible because the parallel universe is too distant from ours.

In other words, objects of sufficient mass, such as stars, create a gravitational field of such force that it tears the fabric of space or maybe just seeps through it and thus spreads its impact into neighboring parallel universes.

Further, if the neighboring parallel universes are not very different from ours in their configuration, then where we have, for example, a cluster of stars, the parallel world also has something like that, and so there is a cumulative effect of all the gravitational fields of all the neighboring universes at that point. On the other hand, there may exist such a parallel universe, in which, for example, time moves with a different speed, so the configuration of stars there is completely different. Because of this there is an incomprehensible gravitational background on the empty space in our universe.
Thanks to those who wrote constructive comments.

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