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“Action Flows” by Six Apart

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"Action Flows" by Six Apart
This morning Six Apart launched a plugin for its MovableType blogging platform that aggregates and displays user actions on so-called social sites. Similar to FriendFeed plugin Action Streams shows your latest Twitter posts, Flickr photos, YouTube videos, or the latest Upcoming events. From today the plugin, which supports 75 types of services, can be downloaded for free for MovableType 4.1.
Although Action Streams have a lot in common with FriendFeed and Plaxo Pulse. , Six Apart immediately pointed out one important difference : only you control and manage your online activity data. "Since Activity Streams is completely free and has a flexible framework, anyone with even a little bit of programming knowledge will be able to make the necessary changes that are convenient for them, " writes David Recordon, technical director of open platforms at Six Apart, in a statement.
Extending the standards, Six Apart uses Atom and Microformat hAtom formats in the plugin, which the company believes will help users control "action streams" and use them as they see fit.
In some ways, this offering from Six Apart is similar to what their main competitor Automatticis doing with Wordpress: microblogging. A couple of days ago. Automattic introduced a new theme for Wordpress called Prologue, which gives Wordpress features similar to Twitter. The Six Apart plugin allows users to create a tumblelog, which will collect all the information the user has posted online (Twitter posts, photos on Flickr, etc.). "Action Streams" and Tumblr are not similar in the same way Prologue and Twitter are not similar, but they have the same working principle.
Two trends may arise from this :
1. microblogging trend – regular updates are becoming a visible and integral part of blogging.
2. the trend toward open formats and portability of information – you can carry all the information with you and place it wherever and however you want.
How long will it be before Wordpress responds to "Action Streams" from Six Apart? It seems to me that it won’t take long for developers at Wordpress to respond. A few months ago, my friend Dan Grossman used a plugin he developed for his Wordpress blog that did essentially the same thing. He didn’t release it to the public because no one was interested in the plugin. Perhaps that will change soon.
As more and more sites join DataPortability.org and we see the results of their work, things like distributed "action streams" will become easier and more accessible.

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