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Advantages and disadvantages of Maxthona (video review)

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Advantages and disadvantages of Maxthona (video review)
Hello, dear Habra! I know that browsers are not an easy topic for you, and that you are not happy when your kids are fighting each other.But still, let me put in a good word.
Over the last month I’ve been observing the fanfare of all sorts of browsers, I noticed that there are three major players on Habrahabr: FireFox, Opera and Safari. The other browsers either do not notice, or are afraid to create threads about them, being wary of the negative reaction of the hubrahhabr community on their karma.
Dear Habrushka, I will nevertheless risk expressing my thoughts, in the hope that your children will be able to regard my words without prejudice, from an objective point of view. For my part, I promise you to be as objective in your judgments as possible, so as not to lead your children into temptation and cloud their thoughts with false beauties.
The purpose of this review is to introduce some of the advantages and disadvantages of Maxthona to the hubra community. And now the review itself…

Due to the length of the video and its codecs, when uploading it to RuTube there was a mismatch between the video and the sound. I am leaving the RuTube player applet just to familiarize myself with what is going on. You can download video with synced sound from this link

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