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AdWords Webinars and Webinar Calendar

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( From our AdWords-ru blog )
To all AdWords advertisers, we are pleased to announce that the webinar schedule Over the next three months we are planning webinars on topics such as "Promotion with YouTube", "Website Optimizer", "Google Content Network" and others. Also in late July we will hold a webinar on the new AdWords interface with a live demo from the account and useful tips. So check it out at AdWords webinars page , select the topics you are interested in and register.
And so that you don’t accidentally miss a webinar that you’ve long planned to attend, we’ve created a calendar of AdWords webinars in Russian, which you can add to your Google calendar. Calendar name : aw.webinars.rus@gmail.com.
Every Gmail owner has access to Google Calendar. You can access Calendar from your Gmail account. To do this, click on "Calendar" on the right side of Gmail.
You will be taken to your Calendar. To add a webinar calendar, enter its name aw.webinars.rus@gmail.com in the "Other Calendars" window.
All events from the webinar calendar will be reflected in your Calendar. Under "Settings" – "Notifications" you can set up reminder messages that will come to your email address or appear as a pop-up window on your computer screen.
To see the entire list of webinars, select the "Agenda" view mode.
We’ll see you live! Feedback on webinars and suggestions for new topics are always welcome. Please email us at : ru-webinars@google.com.
Diana Ogarkova – Webinars Team, Google

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