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An idea for selling terminal sessions

by admin

Recently I came across the following idea: to make an X-server on the basis of an ordinary VPS, fill it with applications for surfing and communication, and sell it to people who do not have access to ICQ / Vkontakte / Habra at work. And the access can be done via VNC client, which will connect on port 80, which is open almost everywhere.
There are pros and cons to this idea, the main cons in my opinion are that people who have a hard time at work are unlikely to be able to run the VNC client.
So I had an idea how you can implement this on the wind.
For this we need a server/farm with Windows Server, terminal services on it, as well as a TS Gateway.
Consider the pros of this solution :
1. By default, mstsc, the RDP client, is already installed in Windows.
2. Terminal services give us the possibility to publish applications, not the entire desktop, which will work transparently for the user as locally installed.
TS Gateway gives us the ability to "distribute" applications through a web page, and encapsulate all traffic into an encrypted SSL tunnel on port 443, which is also most often open.
Saves server resources, because only one application will be running, so you get a high density of users per server.
That is, all the user needs to do is go to the site, log in, select the desired application on the page, and click on it. And it will most likely start and the user will get his ICQ, which not only works, but also can be minimized to tray.
Now the minuses :
1. Cost of licenses. Honestly haven’t even thought about it, but I think it may well pay for itself.
2. Maybe someone is only allowed to have specific sites, and ours is not there of course – sending rdp shortcuts to the mail (or delivering them to the computer any other way) will save
If anyone has written something like this before, poke a link, interested in other people’s opinions.
And of course, comments are welcome. If there is something valuable – I’ll add it to the post, and if someone wants to earn so, help with the technical implementation.
Z.U. The subtleties like automatic establishment of users in the domain after registration on the site, product placement and advertising, I did not think, so please do not shout that they do not get, but somehow justify it, happy to discuss.

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