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An unmanned car tried to outrun a professional racer

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Connoisseurs of racing simulators know that the computer always moves along a perfect trajectory and makes no mistakes. But that’s in a game, but what about in real life?
An unmanned car tried to outrun a professional racer
The Thunderhill motorcycle track in Northern California hosted the world’s first speed race between an unmanned car and a professional racer. Unfortunately for fans of artificial intelligence, the three-mile (4.83 km) race still human won by a few seconds overtaking his opponent.
The video shows the capabilities of the Shelley racing car (Audi TTS model) during one of the tests, where it accelerates to 200 km/h.
The Audi TTS has been on the Thunderhill racetrack for several months now. Engineers have been making various adjustments to the software and have managed to get the car around the track faster than two and a half minutes. But that wasn’t enough to overtake a professional racer.
The project is led by Stanford University professor Chris Gerdes. In one of his TEDX lectures. Professor Gerdes explains that a professional racer squeezes almost maximum capability out of a car, driving at the limit of loss of control, which a computer cannot afford. For example, a person with hands and other parts of the body feels the grip of the tires on the road surface and feels the moment when the grip decreases. That is, the muscle memory and sensitivity of the human pilot so far exceeds the sensitivity of the in-car computer’s sensors and software capabilities.
Even at 200 km/h, the autopilot is guaranteed to enter corners safely. Probably, to overtake a human, you need to put in the program the possibility of losing control and crashing. That is, the autopilot must learn to take risks, otherwise there is no way to win.
An unmanned car tried to outrun a professional racer
At photos shows the insides of a racing unmanned Audi TTS.

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