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Android-based gadgets are gradually coming forward

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Android-based gadgets are gradually coming forward
In the sense that smartphones based on this operating system occupy an increasing share of the overall smartphone market. In the third quarter of this year, about a quarter of all smartphones sold globally are based on this operating system, according to the company Capalus. As for the U.S. market, here smartphones with Android OS have already taken the first place. As you can see, this operating system is really becoming more and more popular.
In the U.S., the primacy of handsets based on Android is explained by the fact that here is very fond of BlackBerry, and RIM has equipped its smartphones with this operating system. In fact, not only in the third quarter, but even in the first quarter of this year Android-based smartphones came out on top in the U.S.. The percentage of devices with Android was 28%, but now the devices are 44%, which is significant.
By the way, BlackBerry themselves suffer "oppression" from "apple" devices. Thus, smartphones from RIM now occupy 24% of the U.S. market of cell phones. But the "apple" iPhones take more than 26%. The dynamics is very interesting, and several analytical companies have similar data, so Canalys can be trusted.
Despite the fact that experts and just gadget lovers now criticize Nokia with all their might, the company still occupies 33% of the world market. However, experts predict the Finnish company will soon lose a relatively large part of the world market. And experts’ forecasts about Nokia become more and more pessimistic. A year ago most of the experts were betting that Symbian will remain the leader in 2012. However, it seems that Android-based devices will overtake the Symbian-based smartphones in the near future.
By the way, experts of another kind – those who study the security of mobile platforms of different types – claim that there are quite a few vulnerabilities in Android OS. So, at the moment there are about 359 major and minor vulnerabilities in this OS, of which 88 are critical. Of course, statistics is not the most objective science, but 88 critical vulnerabilities is still an indicator. However, the developers of the Android OS are known for fixing problems in their operating system very quickly. At least, faster than in other operating systems. Let’s hope that the vulnerabilities found will be fixed quickly.
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