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Android development news worth subscribing to

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Android development news worth subscribing to
Android will be 10 years old this year, but application development has not turned into a rigid routine and continues to actively change: just look how much the situation with Kotlin has changed over the year. So, the Android developer needs to keep abreast of ongoing events, as well as useful blog posts.
Where exactly on the Internet do you do it? We’ve put together links to a variety of useful online resources, including our own.


It’s safe to assume that the hub "Android development." you already know it. Now let’s break down the rest.
The most obvious resource is the official Android DevelopersBlog , where Google reports on all the important news from its side.
The rest of the Android bloggers mostly prefer the Medium platform (there are some who still use Google+, but this is an endangered species). And two notable theme sites have emerged that run on the same platform : ProAndroidDev and AndroidPub Both are small non-commercial publications: there are simple publishing rules, there are several editors, and anyone can propose their post for publication there (thus reaching a wider audience than if they publish it in a normal Medium account).
Outside of Medium, there are notable blogs, too : note Styling Android (as you can easily guess, about UI/UX)and CommonsBlog (so not about UI that the posts don’t even have illustrations).
If you use an RSS reader, you may find it useful to OPML file where we’ve compiled everything mentioned and a number of other blogs – you can see all their updates in one feed.


Part of the movement is happening on Twitter – who should I follow there so I don’t miss anything interesting or valuable? Well, I see, Jake Wharton. , and then?
Recently, the following has just been compiled Twitter list of hundreds of Google Developer Expert title holders, allowing you to read them all in one feed. It’s not certain that the whole feed will work for you (to begin with, some of its members write in Japanese and Spanish). But you can read it for a few days and decide which of these people you want to add to your personal feed.


Android development news worth subscribing to
Let’s name five :


There is also a "subscribe" button on YouTube – which channels should you click it on?
There is an official Android Developers – There are announcements and notes from Google I/O and more.
There are many channels that post videos of speeches : from JetBrains TV , which has all the papers from KotlinConf, to our conference Mobius Listing them all is meaningless – if there’s a conference you are personally interested in, type the name into YouTube search and you’ll probably find its channel.
There is a small project Android Dialogs – there are mostly video interviews with notable community members, and right now there’s a series of videos in a curious "host and guest together open Android Studio and deal with Dagger" format.
And outside of YouTube from the regularly updated there are, for example, caster.io – a site with short training videos for mobile developers, each of which covers a specific issue. Some of the videos are free, some are paid.


Android development news worth subscribing to
Reddit (and, in particular, the subreddit we are interested in Developing Android Apps ) is different in format from everything else in this text. Most of the entries are links to some other site, but there is some unique content. It is a rare case on the internet where comments are more valuable than the original post (there is Jake Wharton among the active commenters, and it is generally an opportunity to see a cross-section of the community’s opinions). Often they post nonsense or questions that belong on Stack Overflow, but upvotes help to see the worthwhile entries. Sometimes they arrange the format Ask Me Anything, when representatives of a certain project answer any questions about it.


Perhaps by this point, instead of asking "where to get new information, " you’re already wondering "how not to get bursting with new information." There are a lot of useful resources on the Internet, but personal resources for studying them are not endless – it’s hard to follow Medium, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and podcasts all at once.
This is where digests help, whose authors keep track of what’s going on and compile the most notable things into handy compilations. Studying one digest a week is a lot easier than jumping through a bunch of feeds at different services every day. To name a few :

And finally, we ourselves (JUG.ru Group, organizers of the conference Mobius ) have recently started to publish their own Android Digest We’ve already had a tradition of a weekly compilation of "server-side Java" news on jug.ru – and now we decided that this site could also be of benefit to those who use Java/Kotlin for Android.
Why another digest when there are already a number of them created all over the world? Some things seem important to us, and haven’t seen them all embodied somewhere :

  • We want to make the digest not an impersonal set of links, but a living whole text that is interesting and useful, even if you don’t click on a single link from it. In addition to the links themselves, there may be valuable context and caustic sarcasm.
  • We think it’s better when the digest is written in Russian. It is clear that most Android developers are good at English, and most digest links lead to English-language resources. But when you want to quickly and easily understand what happened during the week, the native language is out of competition.
  • We don’t try to "collect everything that appeared during the week, " but we choose what seemed the most interesting and important. Of course, this choice is somewhat subjective and may not coincide with someone else’s.
  • We don’t just want to collect blog posts, we want to cover events, allowing you to understand not just "what was written this week, " but "what happened this week." From the Android Studio update to a particularly vivid discussion on Reddit, anything that helps you stay in the context of what’s going on.

Anyway, now every Thursday evening a text about the past week appears on jug.ru, here today’s To make sure you don’t miss new issues, you can subscribe or to RSS digest, or at Twitter account Mobius conference (later we want to add the ability to subscribe by mail).
Surely we do not know all the useful Android resources, and surely our digest can be made better – so we will be glad to add and suggestions in the comments.

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