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Another build (10136) of Windows 10 Mobile is available for insiders

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The new build for Windows Insider members, Windows 10 Technical Preview 10136, started being sent out last night.

It should be noted that the new build is only available for a clean update from Windows Phone 8.1, the update from build 10080(84) is not yet available (Gabe Aul said in his tweet that it will take about a week to fix the problem).
Another build (10136) of Windows 10 Mobile is available for insiders

Known bugs in build 10136:

  • At the end of the update, you will see your smartphone lock screen without the date and time displayed. This screen will be displayed for up to 10 minutes. This screen is now displayed instead of the old data migration screen. There’s no need to pull the power button or the device’s battery. This process should end on its own, so just sit back, relax, and wait for the process to finish.
  • After the update you will see repeating tiles of some applications.
  • If you entered the wrong PIN many times, the phone will prompt you to enter "A1B2C3" instead of a 30-second wait. Nevertheless, there is a bug, because of which, after entering the PIN-code, the keyboard for entering PIN-code is not displayed. Solves the problem by pressing the emergency button and going back to enter the PIN. Also Microsoft recommends temporarily disabling double tap to wake up the screen on Lumia smartphones.
  • There is a bug that may prevent Skype from working after the upgrade. The best solution is to uninstall Skype on Windows Phone 8.1 before updating and then install it on Windows 10 Mobile. If you’ve already upgraded and Skype isn’t working, simply uninstall the app and install it again.

Corrected and improved :

  • Fixed bug with MMS messages. Now MMS messages should arrive normally.
  • Fixed bug which caused lock screen not responding to user’s taps and not allowing unlock screen.
  • Fixed bugs with notification center rendering.
  • Fixed a bug that made the text in the contacts app too small.
  • Tapping the WiFi switch in the notification center now activates or deactivates the wireless network, instead of sending you to WiFi settings.
  • Fixed a bug with the home screen background not scaling correctly.
  • Now you can add details from apps to the lock screen and the settings app will not crash.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the mouse cursor to appear on the screen

What’s new?

  • Tons of fixes and improvements : Too many different improvements and fixes. A lot of the obvious ones you’ll notice right away. For example, the lock code entry bar is now transparent and pops on top of your picture instead of "pushing" it to the top. You’ll notice many changes in fonts, icons, layers, and so on. The overall user experience will be much more enjoyable than what you saw in 10080. Lots of improvements and redesigns are being made now, so you will see even more changes in the next build.
  • Improvements for Cortana: Cortana’s feature set has gone through a large set of improvements and is now very close to the final look and design. Microsoft has listened to users and added a dark design theme to the interface. Flight and parcel views are now included, and you can ask about the weather, exchange rates, promotions, and a host of other things.
  • Photo and camera enhancements : Tap on the month in the photo app for a list of months and for a quick jump to the time period you want. You can also double tap to enlarge the photo. The photos app has received a significant performance and stability boost. If you’re using the build on the Lumia 640, 640 XL, Icon, 930 or 1520, check out the Lumia Camera Beta app. Make it the default camera app, as it contains a number of new features specific to your Lumia.
  • One-handed mode of use : If you have a smartphone with 5 inches or more, you’ll see a lightweight one-handed use mode in the new build. Press the home key and the screen will slide down, so you can reach the interface items you want. To restore the screen, press the blank space on the screen.

All in all, as Microsoft promised, the build differs from the previous ones in improved stability.
Update installation is available on all devices which support the previous build (no new supported devices have been added).
More information about the update in Microsoft blog

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