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Artificial Intelligence – automatic generation of scientific articles.

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With the development of IT, various Ostap Benders are developing, who organize various kinds of conferences like "Web 2.0 – the future of network technologies", where for a modest conference fee of $300 they challenge the spirits of famous programmers of antiquity and hand out elephants. To make fun of such enterprises and the suckers who visit them, the guys at MIT have developed program which automatically generates conference papers on IT-topics with all the necessary paperwork, graphs and references. Here’s an example of such a <a href=" href=” ">surgery.lcs.mit.edu/scicache/839/scimakelatex.10074.Basil+Navel.html"> punitive-surgery.lcs.mit.edu/scicache/839/scimakelatex.10074.Basil+Navel.html > articles :

Evidence of the Manufacturer-Consumer Problem.

Basil Navel.

The search should work. In fact, some researchers would disagree with the construction of a schema that embodies key principles of programming languages. In this paper, we show that although stochastic algorithms and the Turing machine can cooperate to accomplish this task, hash tables and the producer-consumer problem are completely incompatible… et seq.In its blog guys cite real cases where such articles were accepted by conference organizers with flying colors.Actually this is of course a byword. But I only got to the source now, and since I myself have just been engaged in writing such articles, I liked the smoothness of the presentation, and most importantly a very plausible list of references, including "my" articles.
Continued discourse I might add – here they are Web 3.0 automatic content generation services.

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