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Ask the driver of the Mars rover a question

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NASA usually seems like such a distant and closed machine, whose activities can only be monitored from afar. But the people working there are quite open, and they are not overburdened by the unnecessary restrictions of a "regime enterprise. I got in touch with one of the "drivers" of the Opportunity and Curiosity rovers, and he said he would be happy to answer questions from Habr. So ask anything you’ve been wanting to know for a long time.
Ask the driver of the Mars rover a question
Paolo Bellutta has been with NASA JPL for a long time, and started back in the Mars Exploration Rovers program, running Opportunity and Spirit. For example, he led the team that provided Opportunity’s exploration of Victoria Crater.
Ask the driver of the Mars rover a question
He is now a senior scientist in the Computer Vision for Surface Applications Group, which means he handles camera control for Mars rovers. This includes controlling the mast cameras and manipulators. Read more about the group : robotics.jpl.nasa.gov
Read more about him and his specialty : robotics.jpl.nasa.gov
They don’t use joysticks in control, but prepare programs for each workday. Paolo programs in Unix-Linux/VxWorks/C/C++.
The only limitation on the issues he has stipulated is the scientific data. Since he is not a geologist, and cannot divulge the results without officially publishing them. There may also be some subtleties in the management of the Mars rover that he will not be able to disclose for reasons of secrecy. It seems to be "NASA undisclosed, " but it’s best not to ask him for clues to the Zion codes.
Ask the driver of the Mars rover a question
I explained to him that Hubr is a site where technical experts are gathered, so it is better to formulate interesting technical questions. Although it is possible and quite vital, such as how he got "to Mars" and in general, what principles are guided in work and life.
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