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ASP.NET 4.0: A Developer’s Guide

by admin

By all efforts DioNNiS , ohoncharuk and a little bit of me was created brochure "ASP.NET 4.0: A Developer’s Guide". This 64-page guide contains a brief description of the innovations of the new version of the popular ASP.NET technology.
Contents :
* Main differences between ASP.NET 3.5 and ASP.NET 4.0
* Data access client
* Keyword and description options
* Set the ViewStateMode property for each object
* Client IDs property
* New ASP.NET 4 features
* Core Services
* Minimizing the Web.config file
* Extended output caching
* Automatic start of web applications
* IIS Application Warm-Up module for IIS 7.5
* Forwarding forever
* Session state compression
* Increasing the size of allowed URLs
* Extensible query check
* Caching objects in memory
* Monitoring the performance of individual applications that run in the same workflow.
* Multidirectionality
* Custom HTML, URL and HTTP header encoding
* New features when using Microsoft Ajax library
* Simplified syntax
* Script Loader
* Data access client
* DataContext and AdoNetDataContext classes
* Integration with jQuery
* Setting meta tags with Page.MetaKeywords and Page.MetaDescription properties
* Ability to enable view state for individual components only
* Browser options
* Routing in ASP.NET 4.0
* Routing for Web Forms pages
* Getting routing information in the code of a Web Forms page
* Getting information about routes in the page layout
* Using route parameters in data sources
* ASP.NET diagrams
* Adding a diagram to an ASP.NET page
* Creating 3-D diagrams
* Using the interval line and logarithmic scale
* Filtering data using the QueryExtender component
* Search
* Range
* Expression property (PropertyExpression)
* Custom Expression (CustomExpression)
* CSS Enhancement
* Compatibility options for rendering
* Disabling components
* Hiding a div element around hidden fields
* Rendering components that use templates without tables
* Improvements to ListView component
* Improvements to CheckBoxList and RadioButtonList components
* Improvements to Menu component
* Wizard and CreateUserWizard components
* Areas support
* Support for the new DataAnnotations attribute
* Templated helpers
* Helpers now return objects of type MvcHtmlString
* JsonResult can only return on HTTP POST requests
* New ModelMetadata property
* Dynamic Data
* Using Dynamic Data library in existing projects
* Declarative syntax for DynamicDataManager component
* Entity templating
* New templates for URL and E-mail fields
* Link creation with DynamicHyperLink
* Support of data model inheritance
* Support for "many to many" relationships (only when using Entity Framework)
* New attributes DisplayAttribute and EnumDataTypeAttribute
* Filter support
I hope that this guide will be useful for beginners and experienced developers alike.
Download "ASP.NET 4.0: A Developer’s Guide ( mirror )
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With this tutorial we want to open a small series and invite authors to participate in the initiative. Next step will be the tutorials on Silverlight 4 and ASP.NET MVC, so send your links to articles or materials to msugvn[at]gmail.com or in private. Besides it would be nice to make a branded design for brochures, so designers are welcome to contribute as well.
Thank you for your attention!

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