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ASP.NET, job search, interview questions

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Perhaps this thread will be of interest to aspiring ASP.NETprogrammers. I’ve been interviewing around lately, wanting to change jobs. Collected some of the questions the technical staff asks at job interviews (for the Senior .NET developer position).So :


Does ASP.NET have a caching mechanism and what does it provide?
When does the Button1_OnClick event occur in the page life cycle? (The form is said to have a button. The button is clicked.)
Tell us how you would do such a task :
There is a list of objects (such as incoming messages).
1. Display them on the page by Repeater, so that near each header there is a CheckBox.
User selects some messages (via CheckBoxes), clicks OK, selected messages should be deleted.


Name the concepts of OOP.
As, is – what is it, how is it applied?
What is the difference between abstract and virtual classes? Between virtual and abstract methods?
Dispose(), Finalize() – what are these methods, how are they used in .NET?
What does .NET use the using(…){…} construct for? What does IDisposable have to do with it?
What this code will output (no peeking in the studio :):
– XmlDocument x = new XmlDocument();
x.LoadXml("<root /> ");


What kind of joins do you know? What are the differences?
There is a scheme
Customer (Id, Name)
Sale (Id, CustomerId, Date, Sum)
Write queries :
Best customer of all time (the customer who has the most Sums in total)
Best customer for each month (the same as 1, but for each month of the current year)
If the topic is relevant, I can continue. Post your interview questions, I’m interested 🙂
1. In the topic – only those questions, which I remembered. There were also quite simple questions (how to invert a string?) and questions I forgot 🙂
2. The place of action is Moscow.
3. Ported to .NET.

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