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Based on McHost, or Fiord Calls to Himself

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Based on McHost, or Fiord Calls to Himself
Good night, dear customers, colleagues and just friends!
I hope my post won’t be taken as dumb self-promotion (although it is advertising in a good way)or a feast during the plague. So, as by now is known with certainty , McHost has been shut down for non-payment and has no plans to turn it back on anytime soon. I personally and Fiord in my person, sympathize with the customers who have been held hostage by this situation and call for a Data Center. Of course, Habr is not the place for press releases, so if anyone interested in details of our Data Center, you can write to colo@fiord.ru – Tomorrow morning you will receive detailed answers to all questions. Here I will tell you about us briefly :
1) We have our own Data Center with our own excellent channels (you can see for yourself by looking at the AS289917 offline, or by going to LG )
2) The temperature in the cold rows we have 16 degrees, the air conditioners are operating at minimum load. This allows us to guarantee temperature control at any customer flow, even if you put a very heavy blade.
3) Customer support, of course, 24/7 by mail and phone.
4) Due to a rush, we will not be connecting many gigabit ports to customers in the next 2-4 weeks. We may not get enough customers because of this point, but my personal principled position is to sell less service, but with great quality.
5) I have 2 tariffs on 100Mbit ports – traffic in ratios (1/4) for 2 950r/month and traffic without any restrictions at all (the port, of course, but without fanaticism) for 4 956r/month. In both cases the installation fee is 2, 950 roubles 0 rubles if you link to this post in Habra, or just point out that you had to escape from a sinking ship. All prices already include VAT.
We understand that tomorrow morning will be … how shall I put it … pop. And not everyone will have time to promptly pay by bank transfer, or just find the right amount of electronic money. Therefore, Fiord is ready to meet the "refugees" and deliver client equipment even now, without waiting for the actual receipt of funds. We believe in our customers and we are sure that those who were helped in a critical situation will not be cheated. Therefore, wellcome!
The address of the Data Center is on our website : fiord.ru/contacts.html
It is desirable to write to support@fiord.ru in advance the configuration of servers with serial numbers (this will greatly speed up the process of preparing the acts) and the desired number of IP-addresses (by default we allocate a subnet /29 – CIDR – per unit, or more if there are several units).

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