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30 million (according to statistics) residents of the social network are in contact with their friends day in and day out. Programmers have been developing the site for a long time, but it just needs to be given a "beta, " but all in order.
Actors : lazy user, gamer, philologist, paranoid

Audio recordings from the lazy one

Decided to give a friend a link to a song I recommended to him on his walk today. To give a direct link, I had to shell out time to find a service that could give me a direct URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in the wilds of social networking. The second way is to link to all the audio added to my page, but from main menu "My audio recordings" lead to vkontakte.ru/audio.php , such a link to a friend will return his playlist. To get to the cherished goal, it took a long time (about this later) to get to the bottom (in some people’s case to the middle) of the page, where the cherished block is located of my audio recordings. Although I have some blocks ("Education", "Career", "Places", "Opinions") minimized, I still had to scroll.

A scroll from a gamer

I have a monitor with a resolution of 1680×1050. I feel like I’m looking through a keyhole. So what? What’s someone’s 800×600?! Facebook already changed the design…
Announcement! I’ll buy a mouse with a turbo scroll.

News for the philologist

All cool!!! I find out about my friends’ news in a timely and complete manner. But it’s my friends’ news, not my news. Mine means it’s mine. My news is news from me.

Little nasties for the paranoid

It pisses me off when I get tagged in some retarded pictures. It’s even more retarded when "My personal rectangle" is on an image where it’s supposed to say "censored". It’s the same song with videos.
To be fair, the above is based on real events, only the names of the people have been replaced by their character life activities.

From me all together.

If there’s a lot of spam on your site, you yourself become a spammer involuntarily. PLEASE NO SPAM!!!
UPD. Thanks for the minuses. At least I’ll know how many people tentatively read this post 😉

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