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Block intrusive callback widgets on websites

by admin

Block intrusive callback widgets on websites
In my line of work I don’t really deal with web sites outside of my field (YouTube is not included), so I always thought AdBlock was the only way to deal with annoying ads (I think ads are helpful when they actually allow me to buy something useful, for example, it’s because I forgot to turn on ad blocker that I bought great value for money speakers which have been serving me well for almost 10 years now). In the end, however, AdBlock was created to fight against unscrupulous webmasters and the prevalence of malvertising. Its work is based on blocking certain elements on the page, which is what we’re going to do now.
Once I needed to choose a front door, and I was shocked to find myself in a hitherto unknown to me the world of callback widgets, it turned out that they are everywhere – on the websites of major construction chains, windows, doors, construction companies, machinery, everything, and okay if they would just quietly await their finest hour, But they by all means draw attention to themselves in every possible and unthinkable way – the button "Call" falls from top to bottom of the page, flickers, from time to time twitches, chat window opens itself, where someone allegedly dials a message, form for asking for email addresses pops up all over the screen immediately when you enter the site, etc., And okay, it would be on a couple of sites out of a hundred, but for the sake of interest I opened all the links in a row by the request "doors from the manufacturer" on the first page of the search results, and as of September 2020, these widgets from various services of this kind were installed not "almost on all sites", but actually on all. Without exception. I don’t know if they are effective (but personally I wanted to leave the first site without even looking at it), but the business in those areas is not too flexible to quickly adjust to changing times, so I’m sure they will be around for a long time, with zero or even negative effectiveness.
In the end I decided to create my own list of AdBlock rules to prohibit such widgets on the site. I’ve been collecting it manually for almost two years, both by identifying them on sites that use such services (I had to search for something on them anyway, so it was nice and useful) and by getting information about them from various articles of the "XX best callback widgets" series. As of today, it is able to block 32 (!), I must say quite famous, and I’m sure this list is still not complete) such services, and it is replenished from time to time. To add it to AdBlock do the following (settings are given for Google Chrome under Windows):
In the AdBlock settings, select "Filter Lists, " scroll to the "Custom Filters" section, and in the "enter URL" field, enter https://git.io/JUagx
If you missed any of the services – write its name in the comments, I’ll add it to the list.
I also recommend to read other filters on that page, because many of them are disabled by default, for example "Ask about cookies" to block another annoying thing – notifications that a site uses cookies (and it works!), and even to disable social networking buttons on sites, if somebody needs it.
Project on GitHub: github.com/acuna-public/CallbackWidgetsBlocker Issues and pool-requests are welcome.
This is it. Comfortable surfing to all!

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