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Bloggers vs. Bloggers

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When you search the Internet for the keywords "Web 2.0", "promotion", "advertising", you find that most of the results of this search query are somehow or other associated with blogs – which is actually logical and not surprising at all.
The blogging structure is a key component of the Web Two-Note Internet, and it’s the bloggers who are the people who give the term everyone knows a real meaning.
Bloggers vs. Bloggers
But judging by the search results, one can’t help but wonder if we have some kind of distortions in the development of the blogosphere. The first distortion is that today people are trying to introduce blogs everywhere, both where it is necessary and where it is not at all necessary. "Personal blog", "Corporate blog", "Professional blog", probably soon even the proctology union will create a blog.
Blogs are trying to be squeezed into all areas. This is exactly the first skew – the creation of corporate blogs, at the will and fancy of PR departments. People are literally forced to write to this very blog, motivated by the fact that a competitor’s company already has a blog, that it is fashionable, that the blog simply has to be there because "it has to be that way". The usefulness of such a blog tends to absolute zero, because interesting to write from under the stick has not yet succeeded in anyone, and those who write just for the sake of writing is called "graphomaniacs".
Next, the second example of distortion is the creation of blogs solely for the purpose of promotion, with the sole purpose of making your blog visitable. You will find dozens of articles online with advice on promoting your blog: "Write as much as possible, comment as much as possible, add to your friends as many people as possible.
In such cases again, a person writes just to write, a person writes comments to other articles just for the sake of getting comments on what he wrote, adds people to his friends to be added to his friends. What he’s writing about is absolutely unimportant, the main thing is PR-ing himself, and PR-ing among his own kind.
As a result we get a closed circle, a peculiar thing in itself. The same people comment on each other’s blogs, chasing ratings, reputation, number of comments, and other almost always purely virtual bonuses. This approach is counter-productive, instead of directing their efforts outside the blogosphere, to attract the hundreds of thousands of people who still "sit" in trivial, outdated forums and chat rooms, to offline, to the print press at last, bloggers simmer in their environment, fighting and competing with each other.
Conclusions : There is no need to create new blogs and blogging services just for fun, instead it is necessary to take a rational look at what specific services and blogs are missing on the Internet.
When creating your blog do not rely on its promotion by trivial adding hundreds of contacts and active commenting, instead you should concentrate on interesting content. do not copy and paraphrase, and think and generate fresh thoughts and new ideas.
And finally, bloggers should pay attention to attracting people who are not familiar with the blogosphere, with Web 2.0, on how trite it sounds, to promote Web 2.0 to the masses.
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