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Blogging spam changes targets and tactics

by admin

There’s probably not a single more or less popular blogger who hasn’t encountered comment spam.
Combat them pretty simple : Wordpress can send to pre-moderate or immediately nail comments with certain words, as well as comments in which more than two links.In addition, even a simple captcha (that’s such a picture with squiggly letters, as I have in the comments) stops most spambots.
Posting links manually and spamming in the "name" field, only works with people who don’t follow their blogs at all.
These goblins are sent to the furnace along with their comments with a couple of mouse clicks. The next couple of clicks will blacklist their URL.

Pseudoblogs : they mimic humans

Since "keyword" spamming is very easily picked up and destroyed by bloggers, spammers have changed targets and tactics. Fake "blogs" of two kinds began to appear.
Thematic pseudoblogs. It is put "Wordpress", called, for example, "blog about diapers" or "blog about SEO", filled with stolen "articles". Material is stolen from everywhere: from other blogs, from news, from Wikipedia, from magazines.
Sometimes these articles are subjected to so-called "rewriting". The copywriting exchanges are full of miserable people, who for 50 cents will process a thousand characters of text, replacing there words with synonyms, swapping sentences, and sometimes retelling something.
In the "name" field you enter
something like "diaper blog, " "marketing specialist, " or "notes about SEO."
Pseudo-human pseudoblogs. Since thematic pseudoblogs are also relatively easy to recognize, spammers started masquerading as humans. They start a pseudo-blog, say, "Ivan Zadrishchensky", and all the same stolen and "rerayed" materials are dumped there. Recently there have been three of these.
The calculation is simple : a blogger won’t nail a link to a live person’s blog. And it works with some people.

Why do they need it?

You ask : "If they don’t put keywords in the link, why do they need to?" It’s simple. Pseudoblogs "pump up" their TIC and PageRank, and then links from them are sold or used for "promotion".

What shall we do?

I’ll tell you what we’re going to do about it in the next few posts. For now, you can read some About the evolution of spam on blogs
A list of the top blogs that have been "ordered" by the comment-suckers. I advise you to preventively ban both your nickname BlackEvil and your IP I’ve used it to catch multiple attempts to spam on my blogs.

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