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Body heat charger

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One of the weaknesses of portable devices, including smartwatches and smartphones, is their life span without recharging. Of course, it would be better to forget about recharging them at all, like having to twist a self-winding watch button.
But what to use as a source of energy? A hat with a solar panel? A defective nuclear reactor? The Korean Institute of Advanced Science and Technology decided to use human body heat to charge. A team of scientists has already developed a light and flexible generator made of thermoelectric material.
Body heat charger
Thermoelectric generators made of inorganic materials have higher power than those made of organic materials. The problem is that they are more rigid and larger in size. The development of Korean scientists is aimed at solving these problems: glass fabric, on which the generator is printed, reduces heat loss and increases the energy output. This is stated in an article published by the Institute. The development team also noted that their creation can be used in vehicles, including airplanes.
Byung Jin Cho, leader of the development team :

This is a revolutionary approach to generator design. We were able to significantly reduce the weight of our generator – and this parameter is an important element for wearable electronics.

Except we are not told when we will see this development in real gadgets.
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