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Boston Children’s Hospital has telepresence robots

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Boston Children's Hospital has telepresence robots
At Children’s Hospital Boston, USA, management has introduced a new pilot program to work with patients recovering from surgery. The robot is quite capable of brightening up a young patient’s time in the hospital. The functions of the robot allow children to communicate with friends and relatives, wander the corridors of the hospital (or their own home) and generally have as much fun as possible.
The development of the telepresence robot was done by engineers at Vgo Communications Inc. Robots can do many things, such as attend school remotely, if desired and possible. The device includes audio sensors, articulation cameras, speakers and a relatively large display. By design, the child should have an almost complete sense of being in some remote place that he or she cannot be in at the moment.
Robots from Vgo Communications Inc. allow doctors to communicate with their patients and their parents in a couple of seconds, plus they can collect medical information. Children using robots move less, and for this category of patient recovering from surgery, minimal movement is a good thing. In addition, robots help them not fall too far behind their peers who are still learning.
Now the hospital already has five robots helping children recover from surgery. The cost of the robot is $6, 000. There are 40 children working with these five robots. It should be noted that the height of the device is 164 centimeters, which is quite enough. The robot moves with four wheels. Well, and the communication is done via Verizon networks, by 4G.

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