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Bureaucracy 2.0

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Bureaucracy 2.0
When I learned that the leadership of our country is seriously going to implement e-government, I got scared. Do they really want to destroy once and for all the entire population of such a beautiful subspecies as the bureaucratic bureaucrat! Could it be that they want to cross out all of our centuries-old history and turn the process of getting the right certificate into a quick, boring and impersonal… What will happen to our people if they are deprived of the opportunity to communicate with the big officials of the small passport office?
But my fears were unnecessary. The introduction of advanced technology only served as a driver for their rapid evolution… They were able to adapt despite all the opponents of Darwinian theory…
And it all started with the fact that I had a desire to get a passport. I read a lot of reviews about the portal gosuslugi.ru and realized that a lot of money was spent on it, and all the negative reviews are pretty old. So the portal works and can be used.
In order to access the government services I had to first send a request for an activation code, which comes via regular mail. Just in case, the request was sent to me and my spouse. I will not go into details about how a month after the keys came, I had to refill the form 3 times: the function of saving some 15 million dead U.S. dollars is not provided, and my request "where can I fix the house number" and "where was my application returned" was not answered. The most interesting part started a little later. When we wanted to apply for a passport for our child.
I suggested that my spouse do it. In the end, she too received the cherished envelope with the access code to public services. Went to the site, entered the numbers, and in response only red line: "wrong activation code". They tried it several times. All the same. So I decided to call our customer service. I must say – they answered quickly. But their answer surprised and amazed me. It turns out that some time ago my wife managed to enter the site without the activation code (I opened the envelope myself, and I have no doubt that it was sealed) and REMOVED HER PERSONAL KABINET. I started to ask the operator girl how this could even be. How can I delete my account without activating it? She was telling me in no uncertain terms that this was advanced technology and that you had to know how to work with it. This is the Internet, baby, anything is possible here. It feels so strange when competent and competent "electronic" girls assure you that you’ve done something and you don’t remember it. Here comes age. Came unnoticed.
But that’s not all… This story has an even more interesting continuation. I decided to apply for my child’s passport through my personal account… I went in, filled it out… and at the bottom there was a red "check the data you entered is correct" sign and the "Send" button was blocked.
It took me 30 minutes to check for correctness and I refilled the form 3 times. The result is the same. Where the wrong data was, it stubbornly did not show. So I decided to look into the source code. And everything was very clear. The button "Send" will never be unlocked. Not under any conditions. There just aren’t any.
It’s been 3 years since this thing was launched. It’s the launch, not the development. But nothing has changed. The money, as far as I understand, continues to be spent, but the result is zero. I wonder, where is the average developer of this advanced wonder? What motivation lives in him that he goes and does this? Do you think there are any of them here on Habra? I’d love to hear a first-hand story about the birth of this unusual portal.
And also very interesting, whoever ordered this music in general hears that the musicians can’t play?

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