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Bynet 2.0. My report.

by admin

As promised, I present my report in abstracts. Theme of the report "Web standards in light of the new generation of the Web." I’d be happy to discuss my report with you. Perhaps you’ll see something unnecessary or something missing here, be sure to write about it. As a matter of fact, I look forward to your comments.

  1. Introduction. Highlighting problematic issues.
    • What are web standards?
    • What are next generation Web 2.0 sites?
    • What are the benefits of web standards within the new generation of websites?
    • The current state of things on the network.
      • Morally obsolete code in modern web development.
      • Barriers to widespread adoption of web standards.
      • Introducing web standards into the process of developing next-generation websites.
        • A philosophy of separating structure, representation, and behavior.
        • Stocking up on patience and changing our thinking.
        • Semantics of markup elements.
        • Syntactic correctness of the document (well-formed).
        • Syntax rules for XHTML correctness (valid).
        • Document conformance (conformance).
        • Increasing the accessibility of next-generation content sites.
          • Users with disabilities.
          • Diversity of document display environments.
          • Consideration of examples.
            • A dissection of a popular Web 2.0 project. What the application of web standards will bring.
            • Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System (s5) presentation technology.

            This is the third revision of the report, I still could not tie it to the theme of the conference =), well, now it seems to have succeeded.

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