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CamIRaonline thermal imager

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CamIRaonline thermal imager
Hi Habr, we’re in a hurry to tell you about our project CamIRa -is an online thermal imaging camera on a turntable.Once we combined a thermal imaging camera and an infrared sensor to take thermograms, that’s how our project came about. This combination makes for some interesting possibilities. We already had a couple of articles about thermal imaging cameras on the Habrah for example:the technology You can find it at Or a thermal imager for your smartphone ITyz Or even how to build your own thermal imager for $100 MoreTz The thermal imager in the last post caused a great reaction on the Internet, with many publications and discussions. Mostly everyone was interested in increasing the resolution of the sensor. But first things first.
Online thermal imaging idea
One cold winter day, on a business trip, I got sick. The hotel staff was forbidden to give pills to guests, and the pharmacy was far away, so I had to take more morsels and hope that it would pass on its own. It didn’t go away on its own, my fever was very high, and lying there in a slight fever my inflamed mind came up with an idea. Why not make a pivoting thermal imager with data analysis in the cloud. That would be great: they have these things everywhere, a person gets sick, the device notices it and calls for help. Or even a bad contact in the electrical wiring, even before the fire started it could alert the owner to the problem.
CamIRaonline thermal imager
Then I fell asleep and by morning I started to feel better, went to the pharmacy to get some antipyretics. But the idea did not leave me, as they say -“If you still have yesterday’s idea in your head in the morning, then this is the Idea! I started researching more about the available technology.
CamIRaonline thermal imager
The closest analogue we have is inadequate, to say the least: the FLIR A5 80×64 pixel camera for industrial process automation systems costs $2500. You have to connect it to the network yourself and also connect it to the software, which costs even more.
A further search brought me to a budget thermal imager for $100, I mentioned it at the beginning of this post. Its basis was perfect for my idea: complete it with a normal 32×31 pixel IR sensor, put the software in the cloud, realize the algorithms for analyzing IR data. Profit!
One man can’t fight in the field.
For any endeavor, you need a good team. Where to find it you ask, it’s simple: go more events, look for like-minded people. So gradually the project has grown a team. Someone has gone, someone joined recently, and someone has always been with us. Now we are open for any kind of cooperation, we already have 4 people in our team.
We built and built and finally built.
At this point, we want to present a working prototype to the Habr that has the following characteristics :
CamIRaonline thermal imager IR matrix – two options are possible 32×31 and 80×60 and both have the same viewing angles. With these sensors we can build a room panorama of about 160×155 and 400×300 pixels respectively. The IR image is complemented by a 1080p camera. This allows for an interesting overlay of the image, if necessary, using interpolation , as in a smartphone thermal imager, similarly a snapshot of a router is taken.
For communication it is possible to use either Wi-Fi , or USB any modem Linux compatible, when using cellular network coverage is optimal 3G/4G for quality online transmission of both video and IR data.
The plan is to develop the case, we have an example of what it could look like for the end user, presented at the very beginning of the post. There is a lot of work to be done both on the layout of the electronic components and on the manufacturing technology of the enclosure itself
If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering what it can do that others can’t. Let’s compare: there are expensive online monitoring systems on the market, there are thermal imaging cameras for industrial vision systems, and there are handheld thermal imaging cameras for personnel. They are all used for comparative thermography wiki We can’t measure the exact temperature value by the reflection coefficient, it’s different for each material. But we don’t need to if we have something to compare it with: by getting a thermogram of the same place at different times we can understand the beginning of the problem and react in advance. All these systems have significant disadvantages – the price, the complexity of use, the need to buy expensive software. We make our device on the principle of “even my mother can use” and the price does not exceed 20 000 rubles. All you need to use CamIRa is a PC or smartphone connected to the Internet.
CamIRaonline thermal imager
Possible application cases already :
Temperature Monitoring : Highlight an area on the thermogram, e.g. outlets with power supplies plugged into them, specify a temperature threshold of 60 degrees, that’s it, CamIRa will notify you if the temperature rises above the limit.
Security of the room : Set all available space as a zone, set the temperature range between 30 and 40, if a person appears in the zone, CamIRa will notify you.
-Controlling the operation of equipment/people : select equipment, set the temperature of its normal operation, for example, a welding machine in the shop, CamIRa will monitor them and send a report, how long the equipment was working, how long it was idle.
This is by no means a complete list, if you have an application case of your own, write about it in the comments!
We still have a lot of plans: to implement machine learning algorithms to analyze IR data; to improve resolution; to develop the case and our electronics. Yes, right now the brain of our device is Raspberry Pi – we will tell more about the development and technical details in the next posts.

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