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Choosing the composition of isomorphic React applications for the next 12 months

by admin

Friends, it’s 6 p.m., the last Monday in August, which means the last week of summer.Let’s take stock and fantasize a little bit, shall we?
Now we are forming a kind of Isomorphic React App boilerplate for the next 12 months, with which you can quickly start new projects.So far we see a set like this :
1.React 15.
2. On the server — Node.js and HESS.
3.CSS modules and isomorphic-style-loader for automatic Critical CSS generation during Server-side Rendering. Or else JSS ?4. Redux For interaction within the application. Or else. Relay ?
5. Modular testing via. AVA and Enzyme Or after all Jest with its automatic generation of the Browser mock object?
6. UI testing via Nightwatch.js + Browserstack
7. Transfers via react-intl and react-intl-translations-manager
8. Automatic language detection on the server via package accept-language
9. Automatic location detection through packages maxmind and ipaddr.js
10. Isomorphic logger based on node-bunyan
11. react-document-title for dynamically switching the tab title.
12. isomorphic-fetch for sending HTTP requests ("AJAX").
13. webpack 1.x For the build. Or is it still. webpack 2 ?
14. webpack-dev-server and webpack/hot/dev-server for Hot Module Reload.
15. Long-term Caching of static resources (for example: /assets/logo-8cdab5da.png).
16. parallel-webpack to speed up the building of JavaScript bundles for each translation language (for example : 5 partitions and 10 languages = that’s already 50 JavaScript bundles).
17. webpack DllPlugin to optimize the size of the JavaScript bundle.
18. react-router-redux As a router.
19. ESLint and eslint-config-airbnb with a slight modification of not using a semicolon.
Which items can you change? Which ones could be added? What could be made better? Share your opinion in the comments.
The list may change in the coming days. Yes, what’s out there, I promise – it will change, so stay tuned for updates at GitHub

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