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Comparative review of Russian bookmarking services

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Bookmarking services are sites where you can sozranit links to your favorite sites, and which will be available on this service to all comers. These services are also used to get traffic to the site. In runet quite a lot of bookmarking services, where you can safely add your site, but which one (s) of them better?
Where I – how many pages in the Yandex index, G – similarly in Google, captcha – availability of captcha at registration, e-mail – need to confirm e-mail, tags – availability of tag cloud

Addressalexaranktitz/pryagcapcha-mailtags BeaverDobr 76, 235220/067k293k-++ Memory 109, 44070/051k190k-++ Mister-Wong 74, 93270/023k230k-++++ Myplace 496, 85640/244k41k–+ RuMarkz 580, 98150/035k44k+- — RuCity 1, 154, 661160/52, k76k–+ MyScoop 2, 255, 21650/0–+- – 100orders -10/4–+- —
The first three ( BeaverDobr , Memori , Mister-Wong ) stands practically on the same level, far ahead of their competitors 🙂 Services they have about the same, when registering all three services do not require entering captcha, but are asked to confirm the e-mail. Also, all three have a handy tag cloud, which can track the most popular topics for posting in them. And their rating (except for the last one) is quite powerful.
The second three( MyMesto , RuMarkz , RuCity ) are also about the same level, and in terms of usability are significantly behind the leaders. At RuMarkz require you to enter a captcha. By the way, RuMarkzand RuCityresemble each other like two peas in a pod… Either they are projects of the same people, or they are one engine.
And the last va of the service ( MyScoop , 100 bookmarks ) … You can safely put them in the trash and never open them 🙂 The interface is monstrous, requiring captcha, no tag cloud, no convenience … They are not worth it to add sites there 😉
From the table you can see that the first three services is to add their sites, and need to have them pumped and active profile. Sites in services MyMesto and RuCity You can without any difficulty pump (although in these services just the same and there is no normal rating, in contrast to the top three). In RuMarkz It is a bit more difficult to do (you will have to enter captcha), but it still has a rating 🙂 Well, in the last two services, you can not even look.
I deliberately did not make an analysis of traffic, because it depends mostly on the quality of description, title, choice of tags, promotion profile, etc., which of course does not depend on the service bookmarks 🙂 Even with MyScoop you can have traffic, and with Beaver, for example, do not get a single user … Although in principle, other things being equal, I think all the same leaders will win by the amount of traffic 😉
Session is over, this is Hyacinths Andrey 😉

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