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Contra ReBirth – The Contra that everyone missed so much!

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Contra ReBirth - The Contra that everyone missed so much!
On September 4, Konami released the reincarnation of the best action game of the 8 and 16 bit era, Contra. Contra ReBirth was released on WiiWare (a downloadable game service for Wii).
The game is, as before, a two-dimensional action platformer with the goal of running to the end of the level killing everyone in your path and battling the boss that closes each level. Well you know it all yourself.
Contra ReBirth has a kind of plot: evil forces led by Colonel Salamander land somewhere in South America, Lance Bean (Lance Bean – the character of the very first Contra, the one in red pants) goes to deal with them and disappears.
The game starts with the Galactic President asking our character Bill Rizer (again, from the first Kontra, the one with the blue pants) to save Lance and to take care of all the enemies at the same time.
Bill agrees and the moshing begins.
Contra ReBirth - The Contra that everyone missed so much!
Contra has always been complicated. And ReBirth is no exception. With the standard 3 lives you can hardly even get to the first level mid-boss on the first try. Not to mention defeating him, and then the level boss. However, patience and hard work (and attentiveness and quick reaction) will help in advancing through the plot.
As usual, the key to success is identifying and memorizing attack patterns. You can’t defeat any bosses on the spot. This excessive complexity by modern standards can scare away many players. It’s frustrating to realize this after purchasing the game, so I’ll say it right away: in Contra ReBirth, every step is ripped from the game with its teeth. You pay for every win with a gnashing of teeth and calluses on your fingers. If this kind of game doesn’t appeal to you – better not waste your money.
All kinds of weapons are familiar to us from the old parts. In addition to the standard assault rifle, there are laser (L), homing missiles (H) and fan-firing weapons in several directions simultaneously (S), which we called "super" as kids (assuming that’s what the letter S stands for, when in fact it turned out to be "Spread"). :).
Contra ReBirth - The Contra that everyone missed so much!
Visually, the game is a direct descendant of 16bit, but the increased power of the system allows you to use a lot more moving objects – constantly something is flying around and exploding. The backgrounds are also more saturated.
Bottom line : A wonderful game, a successor to the glorious tradition of Megaman 9, to revive the classics on modern consoles. Hardcore gamers only.
UPD: Cost – 1000 wii points = £7 = 370rub.

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