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Court orders “Lurkomorye” to remove the scandalous photo of Syutkin: “Kommersant” talked to the founder of the project

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December 9, 2014 Lenta.ru reported that Roskomnadzor filed a lawsuit in the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow against the portal "Lurkomorye". The site has been using the photo of singer Valery Syutkin for illustration in an article about the "BBPE" meme for several years.
Like reports "Kommersant, " the court upheld the claim and now the management of the project is obliged to remove the "problematic" photo. If the site does not take action within 33 days, it will be added to the unified registry of banned Internet resources.
The editorial staff of Kommersant FM radio station contacted the founder of Lurkomorye, Dmitry Khomak, to find out his opinion about what is happening. "Megamozg" quotes the most interesting statements by the founder of Lurk.

About the court decision

I know about this court decision just as well as anyone from the press. It is certainly a disgrace on the part of this court.
Because there is nothing specific about Syutkin in this article on the internet, it tells the story of where this meme came from. We didn’t come up with it, the article is exactly about that piece of Internet history. There’s this Streisand effect, when you try to ban information, everyone finds out about it. In our country, these pictures, thinly disguised, have been shown on all the national channels in the last few months.

On the future fate of runet

There’s nothing to change here. The state is trying to somehow roll up the internet so that there is nothing bad, hurtful, wrong – all sorts of things that the state deems unnecessary. This is very bad, because it strongly hinders the development of the Internet. That is, there is no separate Russian Internet, there never has been, but now this whole story about information sovereignty says that you have to do what the state says, because the state says so. It’s not a good idea.

About counterclaims

We didn’t come up with that picture. It was everywhere, all over the Internet, we just put together an article about it, where we write that Syutkin had nothing to do with it. That’s our main complaint, that is, we’d like very much to block the picture – well, try it, of course, it’s the Internet, you’ll do it badly. But blocking our historical reference is somehow not good from the point of view of history even.

Who are the judges?

Officials and people close to them don’t understand the internet and want to make it simple, understandable : government search, government services, government database and search engine so everything is government, everything is in the name and on behalf of the government without these ridiculous jokes of yours.

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