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CPS: “We’re not quite sure what’s going on there, either.”

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One of the few sensible pieces about What’s going on with the LiveJournal RIA Novosti wrote.

"… The problem occurred in California (where the physical server with the data is located). The information that came from them said that the problem was due to a power failure"" said Nikolai Danilov – editor-in-chief of Sup.
In doing so, Danilov refuted reports by several media outlets, which on Saturday spread information about the disconnection of only the Russian segment of the Live Journal.
"Right now, livejournal is unstable: sometimes it doesn’t work at all, then some part of it suddenly starts working, " he added.
According to the interlocutor of the agency, the failure occurred in the data center of the American company Six Apart, which owns the Live Journal. At the same time, he noted that so far there is no exact information about the causes of failure.
"It’s not entirely clear to us what’s going on there either, " Danilov said.
In turn, Sup marketing director Ivan Zasursky told RIA Novosti that the day before the main page of Live Journal posted information about the planned work to configure the servers. Zasursky did not rule out that this was what caused the service to stop working.
At the same time, Six Apart’s LiveJournal news section (this section is among the ones in operation) contains an entry dated November 3. In it is a warning about "repair work on one of the two power sources" from 10 p.m. to midnight of the same day.
"LiveJournal may be impaired during the behavior of these activities, " the site says.
A spokeswoman for San Francisco-based Six Apart told RIA Novosti by telephone that the causes of the disruption are being investigated. It is now early morning in San Francisco.
The phones at the European and Japanese offices are not answering.

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