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Creating the Game Before Your Eyes – Part 5: Midterm Summary (Prototype)

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So, it’s been a little over a month since we started our series on our game, and it’s time for a little midterm recap.
Creating the Game Before Your Eyes - Part 5: Midterm Summary (Prototype)
In early March, we applied for the GamesJamKanobu and all this month strenuously wrote a prototype of our game, because by 26.02 we had to send ready builds for judging.
Below I will list what we’ve been able to do and also share how we’re working on marketing.


I’ll tell you right off the bat, we made it in time.And surprisingly, we managed to have time to make a logically complete piece of the game. Yes, we didn’t have time to do a large amount of "bundling" – quests, plot, dialogues, perks, scripted scenes, relationships, etc., etc. Just what justifies the word "Story" in our title. But on the other hand we managed to write a more or less working combat and leveling system. And to make the prototype fully complete, we limited the length of the game session (food in the fridge) and screwed online scoreboard. As a result – we have some kind of build, demonstrating some game mechanics and allows you to fight for the line in Heiskords.
At this point, we are waiting for the judging to finish.
To see what we did, you can at

How we start a PR.

We didn’t become like many developers who only think about marketing when it’s time for a release. We decided to start building an audience little by little from the beginning. Naturally, it’s still too early to roll out full-scale combat. So, we’re still working on a light version and gathering experience/information.

So, what have we done :

  1. Started own blog where we try to write about the development process, the team and stuff like that. We did it both in Russian and in English. If anyone is interested in the technical side, this is WordPress with a modified Corpo theme.
  2. Started Twitter accounts : Russian and English In them we post the same stuff as in the blog plus we try to post something else. Some screenshots, pictures of sketches, etc. So far, as bequeathed Galenkin , posting a couple of times a day doesn’t work-not enough imagination. But we try. We also try to use known hashtags: #pixelart, #indiedev, #gamedev etc.
  3. Have social media accounts – VKontakte and FaceBook It’s basically the same as Twitter, but we post there less often.
  4. We created a little video teaser :
  5. We started this series of articles on Habra. For the most part, of course, it’s based not on PR, but on our desire to share information superimposed on our desire to write texts. And this is the first post in the series where I brazenly post links to our game. But, still, discounting it as PR is not an option.

And now what has been done for us :

  1. Our game’s viden made it into the trio " Canoboo Editor’s Choice " out of over 300 applicants.
  2. A certain site small games cut our prototype from the browser and packaged it as an .exe. We don’t mind, let more people know about us.
  3. Someone perpetuum did on us. video review-escape (himself, we didn’t even know about him).

What did it all bring?

And here’s an interesting one.

  • The blog is visited by about 60 people a day.
    Creating the Game Before Your Eyes - Part 5: Midterm Summary (Prototype)
  • Russian Twitter has about 50 followers and almost 500 in English.
    Creating the Game Before Your Eyes - Part 5: Midterm Summary (Prototype)
  • In the VK group – about 130 people, on FB – about 100. True, a bunch of school kids have come running to contact in the last few days :
    Creating the Game Before Your Eyes - Part 5: Midterm Summary (Prototype)
  • Perpetuum’s video review has been viewed by over 25, 000 people.
  • Our teaser was viewed by about 300 people.
  • Our game’s page on small-games was viewed by more than 7500 people.
  • For the last 2 days (after the release of the video review), more than 3000 people played the official version of our game (on the site).


Of course, it’s too early to give advice, and we don’t have any experience. But some things are clear now.

  1. Start gathering an audience as soon as you have something to show them.
  2. To operate with Twitter (especially multiple accounts) – use https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/
  3. Be sure to use Twitter. It’s a live tool where you can find an audience. Use hashtags. Follower your potential audience, many of them follower you back. Find your audience by the same hashtags. Give preference to people with live (real) accounts and especially those who like to retweet. After all, a retweeting person could very well be retweeting you.
  4. VK audience is lively and active, you need to work on it.
  5. How to use Facebook – we haven’t figured it out yet (as Galenkin admits in his book, he didn’t figure it out either).


At this point I’m going to wrap up this PR and marketing article and continue with the technical stuff. If you have any ideas for articles, you’re interested in something about development or Unity, feel free to write.
Yes, and play our prototype We want to know what you think.
As for the plans – we want to enter GreenLight (and KickStarter, if it will work) closer to summer. And by the fall we’ll go live.
All articles in the series :

  1. Idea, vizen, choice of setting, platform, distribution model, etc.
  2. Shaders for CRT/LCD styling
  3. Screwing a scripting language to Unity (UniLua)
  4. Shader for fade in by palette (a la NES)
  5. Intermediate total (prototype)
  6. Talk about PR for indie games
  7. 2D animations in Unity ("as in flash")
  8. Visual scripting of cat scenes in Unity (uScript)

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