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D-wave Systems Shows 2000 Qubit Quantum Computer

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D-wave Systems Shows 2000 Qubit Quantum Computer
New D-Wave computer
D-Wave Systems unveiled its new 2000 quantum computer on September 28 qubits , of which reported by the official website company.This is twice as much as the previous generation quantum computer, the D-Wave X2. The development was presented at a conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
D-Wave has also developed a new input system that will allow more fine-tuning of the quantum computing procedure. This will allow classical quantum computing algorithms to be used instead of the hybrid algorithms previously used. D-Wave quantum computers operate on the algorithm quantum annealing
Also cited as a feature of the new D-Wave is the ability to tune the annealing frequency of individual qubits to improve performance. The new computer is also capable of combining quantum and classical algorithms to improve performance and optimize sampling of computational results.
The company’s previous development, the D-Wave 2X, was presented to the public a year ago, in August 2015. At that time, the developers claimed that the computing power of their product was almost 600 times higher than that of similar machines of classical architecture. however, this statement caused some skepticism among critics, because for the tests an eight-core Intel processor was used instead of, for example, 600 single-core processors.
Functioned the previous model computer at 15 millikelvin (about -273 °C) to provide 128, 000 Josephson’s tunnel junctions.
D-Wave CEO Vern Brownell states that they are focused on the "real sector" and providing quantum computing services to those who need them. In addition, the company is focused on developing software products and training programmers capable of working effectively on new hardware and promoting the development of practical commercial projects based on quantum technologies.

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