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Data centers are cooled by the wind

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In the northeast of England, near the town of Billingham , a data center with a unique cooling system that uses icy winds from the North Sea has been commissioned.Climatic conditions are such that the wind blows steadily and constantly, and almost always in the same direction. These are ideal conditions for the data center ventilation system.
The air currents from the atmosphere are first passed through filters (I wonder how they filter the salt air?), and then through eight 2.2-meter fans they go directly to the server racks : see virtual tour of the building In this way, a constant temperature of 24°C is maintained in the data center workspace. When the wind gets too cold, the ventilation system slightly heats it up from heat exchangers that remove heat from the servers.
Wynyard data center built by EDS contractor for HP.
The wind data center has regular fans that activate when there is no wind, just in case. So it’s not a 100% "green" project : e.g. Google and Microsoft there is data centers with no fans at all.
Wynyard’s energy efficiency is 1.2PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), which means for every 1.2 watts of equipment power, 1 watt is used for cooling. This is the most energy efficient of all HP data centers. Conventional data centers have a figure of 2 PUE, and the most energy-efficient facilities of recent times have at least 1.5 PUE.
The Wynyard Environmental Data Center was announced a year ago, and is now fully completed. The building has a working area of 8100 m 2 .
This is probably relevant technology for Russia, because a third of the country is in permafrost, many large cities near the Arctic Circle, and in St. Petersburg the weather conditions are quite close to Northern England.
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