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Data of Russian car owners leaked to the Net

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Website in the car owner database allows you to find the phone number and name of the owner of the car by number
Data of Russian car owners leaked to the Net
In Russia there was a large-scale leak of data of car owners. This information is operated by the site autonum.info, which makes it possible to determine the car owner’s name and phone number from the car number, write “Vedomosti.” According to the creators of the site, the information on the resource will allow to quickly call the owner of the car, which interferes with the traffic, or inform the car owner about the evacuation of his car. The site also says that the database is formed by users. This is unlikely to be true, since the database of car owners is very large, and the domain of the site was registered only a month and a half ago.
The information continues to be added. 5977 numbers were added to the site in one day alone. The total number of numbers in the database is not disclosed. There are also no contacts for contacting the creators of the site (except for a contact in Telegram). On random verification it turned out that the probability of identifying the genuine names of car owners with their phone numbers is 70-80%. Polled motorists whose data were able to determine through the service, claim that the information about them was uploaded by a third party, no data about themselves car owners did not leave.
In opinion of Rustem Khayrettinov, Deputy Director General of InfoWatch, we cannot speak about any autofilling of resource with data. Here we can talk about the use of database of GIBDD or other state organization. The site uses not the most recent version of the database.
According to Alexander Chachav, managing partner of LETA Capital, the site can be a set of tools for working with big data. A compilation of the database of the traffic police and information from open sources could be used here. For example, this could be motorists’ data from Auto.ru, Avito.ru and other resources. Such compilation is difficult, Chachava said, but it is possible.
The site also allows you to edit the data about the car owner, or delete such information. This is probably done to avoid conflicts with users.
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