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Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49″ monitor with curved screen

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You can never have a lot of screen space: two monitor sets have long been the norm for designers and programmers, and gamers are very happy with the wide format 21:9. But the competition as if hints that you have to be faster, higher and stronger, or you will find yourself on the sidelines of history. Dell U4919DW was one of the world’s first 49″ monitors with dual QHD resolution, and even with a curved screen. Today we are going to get a closer look at this incredibly wide model.
Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49" monitor with curved screen

Appearance and ergonomics

If you thought you’d already seen big monitors, with this gadget you’ll have to reconsider your standards. The device comes in a huge box, which includes not only the long (or wide) monitor itself, but also a set of accessories. Among them are HDMI, DisplayPort and USB Type-C cables for connecting to image sources, and a USB 3.0 data cable for connecting peripherals through the monitor.
There are no difficulties with assembling the monitor, unless you need a “friend’s help”: it’s better not to take any chances when it comes to placing the wide body on the stand. In our case it took a couple of minutes for the Miracle Screen to occupy the whole table and get ready for work. It is possible to do it by yourself too, just less convenient, and that is why it is better not to hurry – carefulness will not be superfluous.
Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49" monitor with curved screen
If we talk about the design of the monitor, it is both modern and a bit austere. Nothing is superfluous, nothing catches the eye and does not distract attention. The boundaries around the screen are very thin, all elements logically flow into each other and harmonize in black and gray tones. The curved screen with a radius of curvature of 3800R looks appropriate in combination with the double elongated proportions.
Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49" monitor with curved screen
Alright, beautiful things will surprise nobody, but it is worth mentioning the high quality of the assembly. The good quality plastic does not squeak anywhere, all details are carefully fitted – there is nothing to complain about. The only thing we paid attention to was the fact that the monitor can slightly wobble on the central stand due to its specific size and weighting. Heartless physics, nothing more.
Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49" monitor with curved screen


It is best to connect the Dell U4919DW monitor via DisplayPort interface, which easily transmits an impressive native resolution of 5120×1440 at 60 Hz on a single cable. But with HDMI is a little more complicated: if your computer or laptop is equipped with an HDMI 1.4 port, the maximum resolution will be limited to 3840×1080. So it is worth preferring devices with HDMI 2.0 – they will give the native resolution “point to point”. Well, do not forget to take into account the capabilities of the graphics adapters of the connected PCs.
Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49" monitor with curved screen
Modern way of connection via USB Type-C suits the owners of fresh laptops: charging, data transfer and image transfer at the same time. By the way, the built-in charging capacity is 90 W – enough for several USB-devices at once.
The monitor has the ability to work simultaneously with two image sources: they are displayed on the left and right side of the screen without any frames or overlays. So that’s the advantage of the 32:9 aspect ratio! “Picture by picture” becomes an obsolete term, here it is “Picture by picture” (PBP).
Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49" monitor with curved screen

Test results

The specification of the Dell U4919DW monitor humbly hints that it is factory calibrated and achieves 99% sRGB color gamut – that is, suitable for semi-professional design work. Armed with instruments and software, we checked how things are in practice.
You don’t have to worry about it for a long time: the default preset “Standard” on the monitor turned out to be the most universal one. All you have to do is to set the backlighting to a comfortable brightness and you don’t have to do anything else. Boring? But it is effective!
Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49" monitor with curved screen
The tonal curve is close to 2.2, but repeats the slight decline in shadows and rise in highlights as the sRGB formula dictates. In real images, all halftones are easily readable, and you don’t have to look at anything trying to catch the extreme light and dark transitions.
Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49" monitor with curved screen
Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49" monitor with curved screen
Colour temperature
Our monitor produced slightly cooler colors: the color temperature on the grayscale is kept at 7300K, while the reference value is 6500K. The color balance is stable, although the factory setting is not too accurate: the blue component dominates, and the red slightly drops. The average color deviation of the dE2000 on the grayscale is 3.67, the maximum is 6.26. Not bad, but no more than that: the cold character of the image can be seen with the naked eye.
Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49" monitor with curved screen
Colour coverage
The color gamut, as promised, conforms to the sRGB standard. The white point shifted to 7300K slightly dragged down the rest of the colors. Nevertheless, on a standard set of ColorChecker 24dies, the average color deviation of the dE2000 remained at 2.69, indicating normal color accuracy.
The uniformity of the curved screen with such a wide aspect ratio could have been a real pain, but in fact it’s perfectly fine! Having measured as many as 32 points across the entire screen area, we did not see any significant variation in either brightness or color tone. Differences between any areas of the display were within 10%.
The only thing you can slightly complain about is the smooth brightness reduction between the lower and upper edge of the screen. Apparently, it is only due to the fact that the LED backlight unit is located at the bottom of the matrix.
Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49" monitor with curved screen
ColorChecker 24
Static contrast ratio 1200:1 is a typical indicator of a good IPS-matrix, which is even higher than the passport value. The backlight can be seen only in the black fields of the screen and at low light levels. The maximum brightness of 353 cd/m2 will allow to work comfortably in sunny weather. In addition, the screen’s semi-matte finish damps glare well.
Based on our measurements, we can see that the monitor got the factory calibration of medium accuracy. The only thing that makes the monitor slightly “wrong” is that it shows an image with cooler colors than it should. If we are talking about maximum fidelity for photo/video processing or design – it still needs individual calibration and profiling.
Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49" monitor with curved screen

Image quality

On live test material the Dell U4919DW did not disappoint us. All the good words that have been said about IPS matrixes apply to it: for example, the monitor has really wide viewing angles. Distortions only appear at high angles or when looking diagonally, which is vital for such a large monitor. You can sit closer or farther away, deviate from the best spot in the center – and still be happy with the picture.
Resolution 5120×1440 pleases with image clarity even at a diagonal of 49 inches. After all, Quad HD resolution gives the optimal balance between pixel density and hardware load, and here you have a dual QHD-monitor, which nicely envelops the field of view. It’s probably the first curved screen model that’s really impressed with the effect: the experience on a huge 32:9 canvas is quite different than on a typical 16:9 screen.
Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49" monitor with curved screen
MonitorDell U4919DW and laptop transformer Dell XPS 13 7390 “2 in 1”
The matrix works in full 10-bit mode and smoothly transmits fine gradients: after budget 6-bit+FRC solutions it will be a real revelation. If you see imperfections in the picture, you can be sure that they are compression marks and not monitor’s faults. GtG’s total response time is up to 15 ms, and the average response time is 8 ms. There are no extraneous artifacts on the dynamic image, except for a gradual and smooth blur.
If you want to dilute office work with games – the monitor will not cause discomfort. And it’s not only in the response characteristics. Backlighting works without PWM and any flicker: looking at the huge screen, the eyes naturally relax. After all, peripheral vision is just sensitive to fluctuations, but here they are absent as a class.
Dell U4919DW.review: ultra-wide 49" monitor with curved screen
Of all the image presets, only two are enough for you: the above-mentioned “Standard” and “Game”. In the last case you get the same balanced picture, only with more intense colors. But the attempts to carefully calibrate the monitor with built-in tools were not successful: the sliders work roughly, and when you achieve improvements in one color area you disable something nearby. So for serious work with color you need to profile the monitor with special software. In other cases you can adjust brightness and your device will be ready for work.


Screen Dell U4919DW – An unremarkable model in many aspects. Even if you are used to big diagonals, you will remember the ultra-wide 49″ monitor for a long time. No frames or seams: only a single picture with no end or edge – at least it feels that way when you’re sitting a meter away from it. Quality of the picture is also good, not counting the small flaws of the factory calibration.
The verdict is simple: if your monitor usage scenario requires maximum workspace and convenient dual-source operation, it’s hard to think of something more suitable than the Dell U4919DW. That’s the case when chasing two birds with one stone will bring home a double catch.

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