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Devbar: Business Plan, Part 1

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Ladies and gentlemen, hello!
Today I would like to talk about location selection and business plan.
Devbar: Business Plan, Part 1
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Choice of place

The following map (to be posted at a later date) was made for site selection:
Devbar: Business Plan, Part 1
Blue indicates existing pubs, red indicates the city’s largest IT companies/universities, and orange indicates proposed bar locations.
We see that the greatest concentration of pubs is in the city center, when the IT industry is concentrated in the north of the city. The greatest concentration of companies is on the Petrograd side, when there are not so many bars there. That’s why the choice of location is obvious – Petrograd side. Probably also a location in the city center, but hopefully this can be avoided.

A few words about the business plan

Suddenly, writing a business plan was very difficult. We, like true IT people, decided to to write a framework for automatic generation of the plan to outsource this difficult task.
As it turned out, the data (statistics / market research) is virtually absent, so we decided to do our own, small study. It was compiled by a little questionnaire (12 questions), which we urge you to fill out. All results with a little analysis will, of course, be available soon on our website (as well as all our further developments).
Thank you for your attention!
P.S. Are you interested in following the development of our institution going forward?

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