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DevOps section at DUMP2020 conference. Let’s rejoice / weep together

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Last year we made a cruel mistake with the DevOps section hall and gave it the smallest room for 30 people. At the reports the crowd stood along the walls, in the doors and even behind them. That said, the presentations of the section received very high marks. We have learned our lesson: Devopsers, you will have a great spacious room in the new Congress Hall at the Jubilee DUMP.
See below the footage what topics took off last year in Yekaterinburg and Kazan, and what the program committee is waiting for this year
DevOps section at DUMP2020 conference. Let's rejoice / weep together

Topics for 2019 that "came in"

At DUMP Ekaterinburg last April, all 5 topics received high marks (above 4.2 out of 5). The leader was the topic from Vladimir Lila, the elasticist man from Kontur. The title of the report is "Petabyte Elastic", although by now this threshold has long been left behind at Kontur.
Listen about the organization of the process, the transport of logs, and the technical details of building such a cluster, frequent errors and the benefits of it all :
Victor Yeremchenko was second in the evaluation. His topic was " How we reduced the number of server release rollbacks by 99%". Victor talked about how Miro approached continuous delivery and how these approaches helped reduce the number of server release rollbacks; how it helps teams quickly and conveniently deliver their functionality to production.
The report includes real examples of how to use the various tools and technical details of the CI/CDprocess.
At Kazan DUMP which took place in November 2019, for some reason the topics about interaction within the team and between the development and operation teams came off well.
Alexey Kirpichnikov’s (Kontur) report "The Curse of the Infrastructure Team" was not recorded for technical reasons. Maybe the word "curse" played a role… But since Alexey told this talk at DevOops as well, we found the link to the recording
Marat Kinyabulatov’s (SkuVault) topic "In the middle of ashes : post-mortems as a tool for continuous improvement" also sounds dramatic. Marat talked about post-mortems as a tool (and procedure) for inspection and adaptation. About how it helps teams to prevent incidents in the future, clearly shows management the steps taken, creates an atmosphere of safety, and gives employees room to improve processes :
The DevOps section at DUMP 2020 is run by 4 software directors: Alexander Tarasov (ANNA MONEY), Konstantin Makarychev (Provectus), Viktor Yeremchenko (Miro (ex RealTimeBoard) and Mikhail Tsykarev (ICL Services). They formulated this year’s section concept.

Concept and topics of the DevOps section

This year I would like to get maximum practical solutions, minimum theory. Tell us where you got hurt and where you got good. What worked and what didn’t. Let’s rejoice and weep together.
Here’s a list of topics that seem relevant to the DevOps realities of 2020 :

  • Awesome CI/CD Pipelines
  • GitHub Actions (no theory, just practice)


  • CI/CD in the Clouds (Spinnaker and others)
  • Deep dive into GKE, Kubernetes, Istio, Helm, etc.
  • Data in the Cloud (PVC, DB and others)
  • Clouds for ML
  • Serverless (practice only)
  • Clouds in Russia (specifics of legislation, 152-FZ, Yandex and MailRu cases, and everything you care about in this regard)


  • How to observe the system (observability): service mesh, monitoring and auditing
  • Security (DevSecOps)
  • Configuration Management (Ansible, Terraform, etc.)
  • Let’s talk about culture (Best Practices)
  • Shift the Enterprise Stories
  • Management : tips, useful hints, fakaps.

If you didn’t find a topic on the list, but you have something to share with the devops community, still send request We will definitely consider it!
Time for the report 35 minutes + 5 minutes of questions in the hall. After that you can communicate with the participants in the expert zone during the whole break of 20-30 minutes.
DevOps section at DUMP2020 conference. Let's rejoice / weep together
Submit applications 😉

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