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DINS JAVA EVENING (online): Trottling, Token Bucket and Financial Mathematics

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At the meeting, Vladimir Bukhtoyarov from DINS will give an overview of the Token Bucket algorithm, and Dmitry Janter from Deutsche Bank Technology Center will explain why a developer needs to know higher mathematics.Both speakers will answer your questions.
Meet July 22 at 7:00 pm.Participation is free, but you must register
A detailed program and information about the speakers is below.
DINS JAVA EVENING (online): Trottling, Token Bucket and Financial Mathematics
19:00-20:15 – Solving Trotling Problems Using Token Bucket Algorithm (Vladimir Bukhtoyarov, DINS)
Vladimir will break down examples of typical errors in the implementation of tokenizing and give an overview of the Token Bucket algorithm. You will learn how to write a Lock-Free implementation of Token Bucket in Java and a distributed implementation of the algorithm using Apache Ignite.
No special knowledge is required, the report will be of interest to Java developers of any level.
Vladimir Bukhtoyarov is Senior Java Developer at DINS. He likes to write multi-threaded and distributed code. In his free time he works on open source projects, is the author of two popular Java libraries Rolling-Metrics and Bucket4j.
20:15-20:45 – Why a Java developer needs financial mathematics (Dmitry Janter, Deutsche Bank Technology Center)
During the last 5 years Deutsche Bank’s Technology Center has held sessions for developers. They talk about financial products and the mathematical models behind them.
Matrices, numerical methods, differential equations and stochastic processes are areas of higher mathematics that are actively used in investment and corporate banking. Dmitry will tell why a Java developer should have an idea of financial math and whether it is possible to start working in fintech if you don’t know anything about markets and derivatives.
The talk will be useful to developers, QA, analysts, or managers who have studied higher mathematics with interest, but do not know how it is applied in creating IT solutions for global financial institutions.
Dmitry Yanter is an analyst, formerly a developer and QA. At Deutsche Bank Technology Center he has been creating and supporting IT solutions for the company’s investment and corporate business for more than 7 years. He lectures on financial mathematics at Moscow State University and the Higher School of Economics.

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Participation is free. On the day of the meetup, we’ll send a link to the broadcast to the registration email.

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