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Direct Attached Storage CFI-B4043JDGG Overview

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I recently learned about an interesting class of DAS (Direct Attached
Direct Attached Storage CFI-B4043JDGG Overview
This is the kind of NAS that does not have its own operating system
system on board, but allows you to create a hardware raid array of 2-8
disks. I confess that if I hadn’t had a NAS before, I would have
doubted that such a device could be needed at all.
It’s not clear how it’s better than a regular external hard drive. A
Turns out that in certain circumstances, a DAS is exactly what
Before that I wrote review Synology DiskStation DS211, a very decent NAS
with a bunch of features and bells and whistles, but if you have your own full-fledged
file, web, or whatever server that you yourself
administer (like me), you don’t really need NAS. After all, it’s designed for "everything.
works out of the box"-and to put some software on it is a whole
problem. That’s why the DiskStation was donated. iBear , and I started settling in with
DAS CFI-B4043JDGG , because without knowing it myself, its prototype I already
used :
Direct Attached Storage CFI-B4043JDGG Overview
As you can see from the picture – DAS is just what I really needed.
First of all I could finally put the hard drives which didn’t fit in the system.
disks in a civilized box, and secondly, instead of a bunch of wires
use a single USB-3 or eSATA. The data transfer rate in this case
can reach up to 300 megabytes per second.
Direct Attached Storage CFI-B4043JDGG Overview
I have a pretty standard picture like this :
Direct Attached Storage CFI-B4043JDGG Overview
I mentioned before that DAS is essentially a hardware raid. Configuration
of the raid is done just fine :
Direct Attached Storage CFI-B4043JDGG Overview
As you can see, it is made with three switches. Possible
configurations :
Signature from CFI:

  • Clean is all disks are independent of each other;
  • Large – all disks are combined into one large virtual disk;
  • Clone – The data is cloned to each disk that is installed, with
    storage size is equal to the size of the smallest disk.

And of course the classics:
R0, R1/10, R3 and R5.
Honestly, I never could figure out why I would use
Large instead of R0, and Clone is some strange mode at all if the disk
R1 is the best if you have two disks, but if you have 4 disks, you need R5.
Clean mode is useful if the DAS is used as a box for hard disks.
After selecting the mode, you must hold down reset for five seconds to turn on the power, and the device
will configure the raid according to the position of the switches. In this case, the entire
information from the hard drives will be erased. Then you need to mount
device as a drive in the operating system and enjoy. Quickly,
Clear and no hassle.

Hardware and software

  • The basic raid functionality is provided by the JMicron JMB394 or JMS539 raid controller;
  • A maximum of 4 3.5" drives can be installed;
  • There is no hardware limit on disk capacity, but this must be reconciled
    with the OS to which the DAS will be connected;
  • The drives are cooled by an 80mm fan on the rear panel;
  • On the front is the hard drive bay cover;
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, OS X.

Direct Attached Storage CFI-B4043JDGG Overview

Pros and cons

The device has one plus: it is stable, very fast and easy to
hardware raid configuration. A true unix-style: It is made
exactly one function, but it is done simply and well.
I could not find any disadvantages because of the simplicity, again because of the
simplicity of the device. There is however one wish, it would be very cool,
if the creators came up with a system to convert the software
mdadm-raids for use in this box. I had to
to transfer the contents of my software raid to the device.


DAS SCFI would be perfect next to some nettop like Acer
Aspire Revo or something similar under a desk or in a closet (like mine).

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