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Divorce on the verge of robbery

by admin

This may not be news to many, but it is the first time I have encountered something like this. I want to share my experience and warn others against the mistake I made.

What happened?

I got ripped off today, and they did it quite nicely.


In general, I consider myself a very cool, shrewd, suspicious, and generally very savvy city dweller. For all my conscious life, which has almost entirely passed in the capital, I have not been compromised by participation in all sorts of scams, stupid "losses" of cell phones, purses, wallets and other property. I was extremely proud of this fact and treated mere mortals with a little condescension. My idyll ended today. You have to try everything in life. Today I tried to be robbed. 🙂


Today (Friday) I was walking with a friend from Dobryninskaya subway station to Tulskaya subway station along Lyusinovskaya street. Nearby stopped a blue Toyota Camry. A man with a distinctly Caucasian appearance appeared out of the car. The man asked me how to get to Varshavka. I would have passed by. First, because I did not know the way (topographical cretinism, underground life, and total lack of attention to the road), and secondly, the man looked suspiciously at my friend, and stopped even more suspiciously at his bag. My friend took the trouble to explain the road. Having received the answer, the passenger jumped out of the foreign car and began to thank us heartily.

A lyrical digression

I think my buddy was originally chosen as the victim. First of all, he has an expensive and noteworthy bag. Secondly, he is very thin and does not have any impressive size at all.
After shaking hands with the intruder (he thanked us very insistently), we moved on. I was about to walk away from the car, but the intruder grabbed my friend’s hand and asked, "What kind of sport are you doing? My friend, sensing that something was wrong, pulled his hand away and took a step back. At that moment, the man, apparently realizing that the first target was lost, jerked sharply in my direction with the same question. Then, grabbing my forearm (apparently so that I as a friend would not pull my hand away), he said that he would guess how much I weigh and, without waiting for an answer, grabbed me and began to understand me in the air. Feeling uncomfortable, I managed to put my left hand into my pocket with my purse. Unfortunately, my right hand was occupied by a can of water. 🙁
Further everything developed rapidly. The thief did his work brazenly and extremely quickly. The villain let me go, and before I had time to put my right hand into my pocket and check for the phone, he had already jumped into the car where his partner was waiting for him.
So I had my phone stolen from a well-known fruit company.
Why did I decide that my other case might be illustrative? In the evening, I had a meeting with customers. One of the guys had a phone just like the one that was stolen from me. I made a joke about my bad luck, and it turned out that the second visitor had lost his phone about a year ago in exactly the same way (two men of Caucasian appearance, an elementary question about "how to get to…", fraternization, a sports question and an offer to "weigh in"). Dear friends, be vigilant! The intruders act very quickly and brazenly. With all my suspicion and despite the fact that I immediately suspected something and was not alone I simply did not have time to react.
I didn’t call the police and just blocked the phone number. Now I think I did it wrong.

What can be done?

Call the police. Traffic police officers work, too, which means they get bored, too. Your message may well be an interesting adventure for them. It takes a couple of minutes to transmit an APB to the closest posts. My intruders had the following distinctive features :

  • Two Caucasian men in a blue Toyota Camry
  • the car had no license plate at the back (the intruder got out of the car so that we were behind the car)

It is quite possible (once again, it was downtown) that there was a camera on the street that captured the incident. If you have the time and desire to get your stuff back, call the police.

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