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DotNext- .NET Technology Conference, Moscow, December 11

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In 2 weeks the next .NET-conference will be held in Moscow DotNext And for us It has become a good tradition to actively participate in it to have the opportunity to share experience, tell about your innovations and at the same time just to communicate with one of the largest communities of .NET-developers in the former Soviet Union.
In general, it’s great that there’s a conference like this, where you can listen to interesting technology talks and experience real hardcore in a wide variety of .NET areas.

DotNext 2014, Moscow

The first time we participated in DotNext was a year ago.Roman Ageev talked about how our product DevExpress Dashboard allows you to do fast business intelligence :

DotNext 2015, Peter

Then there was already DotNext in St.Petersburg, in June of this year. This time we had two interesting stories about our experiences with both the latest innovations of the .NET platform, and interesting ways to use the power of the framework to solve known problems :

  • Our developer Pavel Avsenin talked about how our accelerated code writing tool CodeRush takes advantage of Roslyn
  • Our developer Dmitry Garavsky described our experience in developing corporate applications using MVVM approach and also disclosed many practical aspects of using this approach and the secrets of making it more efficient in crossplatform development (WPF/Silverlight/WinRT/WinForms/Mono).

DotNext 2015, Moscow

On December 11 in Moscow we will participate for the third time. This time we will again have a talk on a hot topic: Nikita Namestnikov will talk about our experience of using Xamarin.Forms
DotNext- .NET Technology Conference, Moscow, December 11
Over a year of working on our components for Xamarin.Forms, we’ve accumulated a lot of impressions about this technology, both positive and negative. You can read the announcement of the report in more detail here And the grid control itself, by the way, is completely free to download here
And we’ll also have a booth where we’d love to talk to you about topics related to our talks, and of course about our developer tools.
Come one and all!
See you at DotNext !

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